Quick & Simple Steps To a Cleaner Bay


Getting your engine bay sparkling is an all-too-often forgotten stage of any detail. It's a huge shame too, because utilising the right products makes life so much easier (and far less scary) than you might think. Here's the best way to clean and dress your engine bay… including some added bonus steps for modified engines…

Quick and Simple Steps To a Cleaner Bay

First, assess the situation, you'll be getting your engine wet, so you'll need to be sure to protect any sensitive electrics and intakes. Modified cars often have open cone filters replacing the airbox, so you'll either need to take these off and protect the intake, or bag up the whole filter.

Perform a thorough pre-wash, always being careful to avoid spraying directly on to unprotected electrics and alternators. Start on the underside of the bonnet, and then move down to the bay.

Clean the bonnet first, to avoid dirt and grime dripping down onto your freshly-cleaned engine. A 1:5 dilution of Verso All Purpose Cleaner is all you need here. Spray on liberally, agitate with a brush, and rinse away the dirt.

For the actual bay, Eradicate is a real heavy-hitter on grease and grime, but sensitive enough to use on plastics, bare metal, paint, rubber and - particularly for modified engines - silicone hoses.

Simply apply liberally to all surfaces, and allow to dwell for a couple of minutes.

You'll get the best results from Eradicate by using a brush to agitate, especially in the more fiddly areas. So, do that and apply more product if needed.

Now you can rinse thoroughly.

Dry your bay off using an Ultra Plush Microfibre, pay particular attention to any areas where water may have pooled.

Finish off with Dressle All Purpose Dressing. You can either spray liberally over the entire bay, or onto a microfibre cloth to target specific plastic, rubber and silicone surfaces.

For the very best results leave to cure for 4-6 hours, before wiping away any excess.

Now you can stand back and admire the difference these super simple steps have made.

Quick and Simple Steps To a Cleaner Bay
Quick and Simple Steps To a Cleaner Bay