Deep-Clean And Decontaminate

Reactive not only shifts the harshest road grime and traffic films but the heavy-duty ferrous metal remover dissolves embedded brake dust, even the sharp particles that are invisible to the eye. Promoting a chemical reaction to create a rinsible solute is the only way to safely remove this type of corrosive contamination without damaging your wheel.

Quick, Easy and Ready To Use

Simply spray on, watch the solution turn blood red as it reacts with metal contamination, and rinse - it’s that easy. This wheel cleaning solution has been specifically developed ensure that separate decontamination products and processes aren’t required during your detail. Reactive can also be lightly agitated with your wheel wash media to refresh the solution and ensure contact with every awkward recess

Advanced Detergents & Degreasers

From heavy soiling and general road grime to corrosive salt, grit and traffic films, Reactive uses special anionic surfactants and non-ionic degreasers to break down, lift and encapsulate harmful particulates into its own solution. Surrounding the contamination ensures it never contacts the wheel surface for the ultimate scratch-free wash.

Extend The Life Of Protection Layers

Receive deep-cleans and decontaminates on a molecular level, removing all traces of bonded contamination and creating the optimum top layer to promote the physical bonding of waxes, sealants and ceramic wheel coatings. A stronger bond equals the best in performance and durability, keeping your wheels cleaner for longer.

Product Information

Product Type: Reactive Alloy Wheel Cleaner
Product Code: RET1L

Reactive Alloy Wheel Cleaner bridges the gap between a traditional wheel cleaner and a heavy-duty fallout remover, making it suitable for regular deep cleaning and decontamination on all painted, powder coated and lacquered wheel finishes. 

Packed with powerful, deep-cleaning detergents and degreasing agents, this advanced surface cleanser attacks the harshest grime, breaking down, lifting and encapsulating potentially damaging particulates, allowing them to be safely rinsed away without scratching.

The added reactive contaminant remover in this advanced formula is designed to chemically dissolve embedded ferrous metal particles, this reaction suspends them in the solution to not only eradicate the contamination but to limit contact with the surface of the wheel when rinsing. These sharp iron particles are chiefly derived from hot brake dust and are essentially tiny pieces of metal shrapnel which embed themselves into your wheels as you drive, damaging surfaces and risking the onset of severe corrosion. This kind of contamination can only be eradicated through intense chemical removal. Reactive Wheel Cleaner solves the problem of carrying out this process on a regular basis, allowing you to decontaminate and deep-clean your wheels every time you wash your vehicle.

Reactive Wheel Cleaner is also available in 1 Litre & 5 Litre bottles. 

Product Summary

  • Deep clean and decontaminate in one: Designed to bridge the gap between a traditional wheel cleaner and a heavy-duty ferrous metal fallout remover
  • Safe and effective: Reactive is unique because it's suitable for regular use on all types of painted, powder coated and lacquered rims
  • Powerful formula: Filled with heavy-duty detergents and degreasers, this cutting-edge surface cleaner targets tough dirt and grime, effectively breaking it down, lifting it away, and encapsulating harmful particles. 


Directions for use:


Ensure wheels are cool before application.


Remove loose soiling from wheels and tyres using a hose or pressure washer.


Spray liberally onto wheel surface.


Wait for the chemical reaction - indicated by the solution turning blood red.


For heavy soiling agitate with a soft wheel brush or dedicated wash mitt.


Rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer or hose.

 How to use

Applied during the contact wash stage

 How to use

Supplied in a ready-to-use formula

 How to use

Spray and rinse application


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