Product Information

Product Type: Detailers Hoodie
Product Code: CHENHOOD-M

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled comfort of our premium oversize cut hoodie. From car shows to track days or casual hangouts with fellow car enthusiasts, this hoodie is your ultimate companion.

Indulge in the details that set this hoodie apart:

1: Tufted check Motif, inspired by the essence of speed and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. This striking design element showcases your affinity for the automotive world, making a bold statement wherever you go.

2: Intricately detailed back embroidery. Version 2 of the iconic 2015 CarCare Worldwide design takes centre stage in this edition, capturing the essence of our global automotive community and celebrating the spirit of adventure that binds us together.

3: Toggle-free design that empowers you to break free from conformity. Cut the cord and embrace a new level of minimalist elegance, letting your style speak volumes without distractions.

4: Relaxed fit with drop shoulder design, allowing you to effortlessly exude a sense of ease and confidence. Move with unparalleled comfort as you navigate the world of automotive passion, embodying the spirit of relaxation and camaraderie.

But that's not all—our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of this hoodie. Each measurement has been carefully calibrated to ensure a perfect fit that complements your individual style and physique. 

Elevate your streetwear game and join the ranks of automotive enthusiasts who dare to dream. The 2023 edition Car Care Worldwide Hoodie awaits you, inviting you to become part of a global movement. Experience the power of unity, the thrill of the road, and the pride of belonging to a community that shares your unwavering passion.

Unlock a world of possibilities with this captivating hoodie. Order yours today and redefine what it means to embrace the automotive lifestyle in style.

Product Summary

  • Tufted motif - AF speed freak detail on the front
  • Detailed back embroidery - Version 2 of the 2015 CarCare Worldwide design for 2023
  • Toggle free design - cut the cord and make it count
  • Drop shoulder - for a relaxed fit


  • Total Size: H 600.00mm x W 500.00mm x D 600.00mm
  • Weight: 2,000.00g