Product Information

Product Type: Microfibre Cloth
Product Code: MTW

Our Micro Tweed microfibre Towel is a master finisher with a difference - it’s specifically designed to make residue removal not just easier than ever, but safer, too.

The secret is all in the unique microfibre weave, which has been engineered to lift away polish and car wax residues and safely lock them away into special pockets deep within the surface. This will effectively prevent clogging and reduce the risk of marring paintwork when wiping. 

Measuring 400x400mm, and presented in a distinctive purple colour way for quick and easy identification in your kit bag, Micro Tweed Microfibre Towels also benefit from a special non-scratch edging which has been tightly machine-stitched to prevent fraying and, essentially, keep your microfibre cloth in tip-top condition for longer. 

A super-soft microfibre cloth that offers much more than meets the eye, and the ideal accompaniment to our range of paint polishing products and signature hard waxes.   

Product Summary

  • Unique microfibre weave, engineered to lift away residues safely
  • Making residue removal easier and safer than ever
  • Reduces the chance of marring paintwork
  • Non-scratch edging
  • Ideal accompaniment to our polishes and waxes
  • Total Size: H 400.00mm x W 400.00mm x D 5.00mm
  • Weight: 70.00g

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