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How to keep your pads in tip-top condition after every job -
5 min read Tuesday 27 October 2020

How to keep your pads in tip-top condition after every job


As detailers, both machine and hand polishing are a huge part of what we do, and whether the job required is a full round of cutting and refining, or a simple spot of light polishing, it's safe to say that your foam pads are vitally important. In fact, keeping these in the best possible condition is not only crucial for getting the best from them during every job, but it'll make them last far longer, too. Saving you a whole load of cash along the way.

In other words; always look after your pads, and your pads will always look after you…


The first stage is often forgotten, and it's carried out while the pad is still attached to the machine. It's important to give your pad a thorough going over with a Pad Cleaning Brush to get rid of any clogged polish/compound residue. A hand polishing pad takes a little more effort of course, but this process will still save you time in the long run.

Once you have all your pads together, fill a sink or a bucket with warm water and add 50-100ml of neat Verso All Purpose Cleaner.

Soak your pads for 5-10 minutes in the soapy solution. This will break down and degrease inside the foam.

Pick up your first pad and give it a good wring out, now you can give the surface a liberal spritz of a 1:10 dilution of Verso.

Use your Pad Cleaning Brush to clean out any remaining residues, frothing up the solution to penetrate deep within the foam.

Now dunk the pad back in the water, and then wring it out thoroughly.

Rinse out the pad thoroughly with clean water and wring out. Repeat this a couple of times to rid the foam of any remaining Verso.

Lay your pads flat and leave them to air dry. Usually they'll dry fully overnight, leaving you perfectly clean, refreshed pads, ready for the next job.


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