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How to polish your exhaust tips to a perfect finish  -
5 min read Tuesday 04 August 2020

How to polish your exhaust tips to a perfect finish


A bright, shiny exhaust tip is the perfect finishing touch for any detail but, before you get stuck in there with the polish, decon like a pro with Iron Out


Polishing your tips may be one of the last parts of your detail, but decontamination is carried out during the pre-wash stage. The first job, as always, is a pressure washer rinse to remove loose dirt and grime.

Using Iron Out Contaminant Remover will chemically dissolve the harshest exhaust gas contamination. Spray yours on liberally over the whole tip.

Leave your Iron Out to linger for 2-3 minutes, this will help it break down the grime and dissolve metal particles, you'll see it turn blood red as the chemical reaction takes place.

Rinse thoroughly and the contaminants will be blasted away. This cuts down on the risk of grinding in any dirt when you use your Mercury Metal Polish later.

When you get to the finishing stage, after you've washed, dried and protected the rest of the car, apply a small amount of Mercury Metal Polish on a microfibre cloth or foam applicator. Remember that a little goes a long way.

Work the polish into the metal paying particular attention to the very tip. Mercury Metal Polish contains fine abrasives which will physically remove a microscopic layer of the metal surface to take away stains and reveal fresh metal.

After you've polished the whole tip - don't forget the underside, even though you don't always see it, this will help your tips get contaminated more evenly the next time - you can remove any polish residue and buff with a fresh microfibre work cloth.

Stand back and marvel at your tips, and sleep safe in the knowledge that, with a thorough decon like this twice a year, they'll be far easier to clean and shine during future maintenance washes.


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