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Push your detail to the next level with Tripple All in One Polish -
5 min read Wednesday 16 December 2020

Push your detail to the next level with Tripple All in One Polish


What's the difference between a quick wash and a full-detail? The clue is in the name; it's a detail… and details matter. But, the good news is that, when you're rounding off your next job, there are a few finishing touches - particularly in the all-too-often forgotten areas - that will quickly push your vehicle to a whole new level. And, best of all, you only need a bottle of Tripple All in One Polish and a microfibre cloth to clean, restore and protect. Here's our top easily missed areas to look out for…


Aside from hand or machine polishing your exterior panels, Tripple is classed as a cleaner polish, which means it will remove stubborn contamination and oxidisation. For all of the following areas, a little Tripple on your cloth is all that's required.

Inside and around handles is a good place to start. Tripple will remove, glaze and obscure light scratching caused by physical contact when opening and closing doors.

Inside fuel flaps is an area that's often overlooked. Tripple is perfect for removing oxidisation and fuel stains.

Removing your numberplates will always reveal a multitude of sins. Here it's likely that you'll find a distinct line where paint has faded, and often a grimy tide mark around where the plate sits. Basically, all the intricate areas that are difficult to clean effectively during the wash stages. These can all be tackled effectively.

The inner mirrors are also an area that sorts the real detailing aficionados from the crowd. It makes sense, too - after all, you can see these while you're driving.

The many painted areas under the bonnet are particularly susceptible to baked-on contamination. Often these are a mixture of fumes and ingrained grime. After thoroughly cleaning your engine bay, Tripple can act as the perfect finisher.

You may only see these when getting in and out but general contamination is always rife in the door jambs. For really dirty areas you can use a spritz of Verso first to wipe away the worst of the grime.

And don't forget the inside of the doors, either. Again, these are often overlooked.

One area that almost everyone forgets is the inside the actual panel gaps, particularly between the doors. These areas are exposed to the elements and pick up all sorts of contaminants. Tripple will bring the paintwork here back up to par.

Inside boot hatches - simply because they aren't used as much as doors - are notorious for general the ground-in grime and staining caused by sticky steals and contact with plastic trim. Those unsightly black marks can be quickly rubbed away.

Last of all, hard, smooth plastics like the ones used around rear lights can be something of a contamination trap, but easily cleaned and brought right back to life. Oh, and because Tripple contains Carnauba wax, it will protect all the areas above, too… which is particularly important in winter, we think you'll agree.


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