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Six of the Best Detailing Brush Cleaning Tips -
5 min read Tuesday 16 June 2020

Six of the Best Detailing Brush Cleaning Tips

Here at Auto Finesse we're dedicated to the notion that detailing is a bona fide artform. So, with that in mind, it stands to reason that that a true artist will always need a selection of top-quality brushes, right? And that's why we've developed a whole selection of advanced brushes over the years, including specialist items for upholstery, interior details, and even wheel barrels.On a very basic level though, every enthusiast can be more effective at various cleaning jobs, just by utilising a brush. And that's probably why our Set of 3 Detailing Brushes, remains one of our most popular products ever. At the very least they offer a selection of sizes and give you the freedom to purpose-use each brush for various sections of your vehicle. The ultimate truth is that brushes are essential tools, they not only reach the areas that other parts of your car care kit can't. But, they're arguably even better for mastering those little professional-level tricks that are all too often forgotten. Basically speaking, there's only two rules when it comes to using brushes, these are to combine them with the correct product for the job in hand, and most importantly, to make sure you have a decent collection in the first place! We already know that our Detailing Brushes have a multitude of uses, but here's six of the best professional tricks and tips to help you create a masterpiece… with nothing more than few strokes.


What's the first thing a competent detailer does before starting any wash? They pop the fuel flap of course. It's small thing admittedly, but one that plenty are guilty of overlooking. Inside the flap, and all around the cap, is one of the biggest dirt traps on any vehicle - something that often becomes evident during rinsing with a pressure washer, as clean water dislodges grit, grime and fuel deposits… and then sees them slide down your freshly shampooed paintwork. Luckily the solution is simple, our scratch-less, pure bristle Detailing Brushes are safe for use on painted surfaces. And, used in conjunction with a suitable cleaning solution, like Citrus Power or Verso All Purpose Cleaner, will gently lift away grime with minimal agitation.


Removing dirt and debris trapped inside the door shuts and sills is task that most perform on both decon and maintenance washes… but you'd be surprised how many forget to clean the inside of the actual doors. Our Detailing Brushes and Verso All Purpose Cleaner are perfectly suited to both these areas, and are a particularly essential combination when performing a full detail.


Thoroughly decontaminating weather strips and window mouldings is as much about preservation - not to mention prevention of the common scratching that can occur on window glass - as it is about getting your trim aesthetically immaculate. Perhaps even more so. Over time, rubber weather strips will degrade, not only losing an effective seal between the door and the glass, but becoming a trap for harsh grit and road grime. Properly caring for yours by using a brush to agitate and remove contaminates during the wash stage will limit the breakdown of the rubber and reduce the risk of damage to exterior glass when opening and closing windows. This procedure can be carried out either before the pre-wash stage using Verso All Purpose Cleaner during a full decontamination wash. Or, by "brushing in' our Avalanche Snow Foam as it lingers during more regular maintenance washes.


Even the grimiest of engine bays - especially the more intricate areas inside the shuts, around slam panels and headlights, or even the underside of the bonnet - can be brought back to life with nothing but a detailing brush and a decent spritz of our high foaming Eradicate Engine Degreaser. In all these fiddly areas, the key to making the absolute most of the solution's cleaning power is agitation. Using a dedicated detailing brush for this will always be by far the best way of tackling the most hardcore grease and baked-on grime.


We all know that, when used dry, bristles are perfectly adapt at dusting the hard-to-reach and most intricate areas, like around buttons, heater vents and steering columns. It's worth remembering though, that many daily-used vehicles, can be just as filthy on the inside as they are on the outside… even if it's not immediately obvious to the eye. Often, you'll find plastics and trim loaded with nasties such as dead skin, natural bodily oils, bacteria and viruses, often with an extra helping of general grime and a smattering of makeup. The only way to effectively remove these is with a thorough deep clean. By spraying a product, like our Wipe Out Interior Disinfectant or Total Interior Cleaner, directly onto your brush, you can simply lift contaminates off of surfaces and wipe them away with a fresh Work Cloth. This will ensure that your interior is more than just clean, it'll be safe and hygienic, too.


Our Barrel Brush, along with a bucket full of Revolution Wheel soap will always be the best way to thoroughly cleanse the inside of your alloy wheels of harmful brake dust and road grime. But using a smaller detailer brush loaded with Revolution Wheel Soap, or to agitate Imperial Wheel Cleaner, is the easiest way to clean intricate areas around centre caps, wheel nuts and brake calipers. In this way you can effectively work your chosen product into all the small crevasses that are notorious for catching grime and letting it build up to level that's detrimental to your wheel finish.


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