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Cloths are quite simply the unsung heroes of the detailer’s arsenal. Sure, the actual cleaning and finishing products get all attention, but the humble cloth shouldn’t ever be forgotten, it does plenty of the work after all.

Still, a cloth is a cloth, right? Well, yes and no. Although a standard microfibre be used effectively for most detailing tasks, we have a whole range of specialist cloths specifically designed to make a variety of jobs easier. And, most importantly, to enhance your detailing with the best possible results. Here’s what you need to know…

Work Cloth - The All-rounder

Our Microfibre Work Cloths can be thought of as Swiss Army cloths; they’re able to perform a number of tasks effectively. Everything from removing wax residue to cleaning glass.
The best thing is that the short pile microfibre makes them perfect for washing and reusing time and time again, after even the grubbiest jobs. This means that we tend to use them most in the cleaning phases, particularly on interiors, engine bays, removing polish residues and the dirtiest jobs where we'll be brushing in cleaners like Verso or Total. Basically all those tasks that need a top-notch all-rounder.
Work Cloths are also available trio pack, with cloths available in white, grey and teal, for easy identification when assigned to different tasks.

Glass Waffle - For smear-free windows

It may be obvious that the Glass Waffle is for making life easier when cleaning glass, but why is it so effective? Well, that’s all down to the special weave. The construction is designed to not only clean the surface, but to lift and lock away grime and glass cleaner residues leaving behind a crystal-clear finish with no streaks. One of our most popular products.

Ultra Plush - The master multi-tasker

These super plush 800GSM microfibres have a luscious deep pile that’s super absorbent. This makes them ideal for use with spray waxes and finishing sprays. We also find these particularly useful for drying wheels and door shuts after washing.

Micro Tweed - Wax Removal made easy

Our Micro Tweed has been specifically developed with a special weave that actively stops residues from clogging. This reduces the risk of marring paintwork when removing hard waxes. Simple and effective.

Duo Edgeless - The Best of Both worlds

Duo Edgeless means exactly that - you get a double helping of different microfibre pile, and it’s edgeless to help prevent swirlmarks and scratches. On one side we have a tough, dense short pile towel perfect for removing waxes and polish residue. On the other a thick plush pile, idea for use with detailing sprays and for final buffing..

Primo Plush - To finish like a pro

With fluffy deep pile on both sides, along with micro-suede edging, our premium finishing cloth provides safe, scratch-less detailing for all paint types. The ultimate cloth for that final buff and perfect for quick detailing and dusting down, this one is a show time essential for the most discerning detailing connoisseurs.

Oh and, when it comes to reusing your cloths, and keeping them in tip top condition along the way, there’s an art to making them last longer. Check out our guide to washing yours here.