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Microfibre cloths (and, more to the point, having enough for the job in hand) are an absolute detailing essential, used in just about every process. This is why caring for your cloths in the correct way is crucial, not just for your car, but for your wallet, too.

The best news is that, as long as they haven’t come into contact with tyre dressings or tar and glue remover, you can clean your microfibres out and use them over and over again. Here’s the easiest way to do just that…

How it's done…

First divide up your cloths in to short and plush/long pile, this will help them clean through more thoroughly. Always wash your Aqua Deluxe Drying Towels separately, because these won’t have been exposed to any detailing products in the first place.

Put your cloths in the washing machine, but don’t overdo it and cram hundreds in there. Half a normal load is about right.

Pour 2-3 capfuls (about 50mm) of Micro Wash Microfibre Detergent into the washing liquid tray.

Set your machine on a fast spin wash, at no more than 30degC. The low temperature will ensure the fibres don’t melt together and damage the cloths. The fast spin will remove the majority of the water after washing.

When the machine has finished, hang your cloths to air dry at room temperature.

Only once your cloths are completely dry, can they be folded ready for re-use.

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