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A Revolution in wheel care -
5 min read Monday 30 March 2015

A Revolution in wheel care


Our latest detailing product Revolution is a dedicated wheel soap, designed and developed by the in house detailing gurus at Auto Finesse HQ to meet the demands of those who keep their wheels in tip-top shape all year round. Often wheel cleaners are sold on the pure brute force of how much baked on brake dust they can remove, Revolutions not about that, if you haven't cleaned your wheels for the past six months or more go take a look at something like our Imperial or Iron Out products, this here is for the wheel fans. Revolution is made with those who run protective wax or sealant coatings on their wheels but are often left with little choice other than to use a weak mix of an over aggressive wheel cleaner for the task in hand, which will accelerate the break down of wheel waxes, or use a standard body shampoo mix that's often underpowered and not designed to break down brake dust at all. Revolution fills the gap, a dedicated wheel soap designed specifically to break down brake dust and be tough enough to cope with what wheels are subject to, whilst maintaining wax and sealant coatings present and added lubricity to help minimise wash marring on polished or high gloss finishes. It's also totally safe on all wheel finishes from bare metal, to chrome, anodised, panted powder coated and has even been tested on gold plated surfaces too.


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