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Auto Finesse 20th anniversary Special Edition kits -
5 min read Tuesday 12 November 2019

Auto Finesse 20th anniversary Special Edition kits

Now, this year was always going to be special, with 2019 marking 20 years of Auto Finesse and all, but even we didn't know it would be this special!

We've already built our "Project Stepside' Chevvy truck to mark the occasion. We've even got dedicated merchandise for those wanting to be part of the '99 Club - 1999 being when founder James Batty started the brand. And now we've launched 500 seriously prestigious kits alongside. October 2019 marked exactly 20 years of the Auto Finesse brand, so what better way to celebrate than to launch the prestigious kits at the same time. The exclusive kits feature the absolute crème de la crème of car care ingredients mixed to the upmost finely-tuned ratios for the ultimate in usability and performance properties you'll see anywhere in the car care world.

The first entry to our anniversary kit is a vehicle shampoo like no other. This shampoo is THE shampoo we would all dream to have in our detailing kits. Its dilution ratio is through the roof at 2000 to 1 and it features the absolute best ingredients at the finest blend to offer the ultimate in cleaning properties and sustainability. And it comes with an exclusive mango aroma - all adding to the overall experience of using this shampoo. Next is a unique pre-wax cleanser; the cleanser completely cleanses and rids the car of any films or residue left by previous products or stages and applies the ultimate base for subsequent wax protective layers. It's basically undercoat for your paint; an absolute necessity for ensuring the longest longevity of your waxing efforts. Also featured in our exclusive kits is a specially-formulated quick detailer offering water behaviour that is heightened tenfold on over-the-counter quick detailers. Along with the added gloss it provides, it offers the absolute best finish possible.

Last but not least is the addition of our anniversary hard wax. There's waxes and then there is this. This will not be sold anywhere else and will not be made available to order separately. It's been specially formulated from the highest-grade ingredients possible and at the best ratio to offer unparalleled levels of shine and protection from less coats. This show-winning wax leaves a dripping wet finish with protection of up to 4 months. We've even designed a seriously cool display wooden box that the exclusive products sit in. Made around our vintage brand theme and identity, often seen at shows, the box features cut outs for each product along with a metal casing showing which of the 500 it is; for example, kit 1/100.

The special edition kits are exclusively limited to 500 only - once the 500 have gone, they're gone. There will be no more! Kits are priced at £500 each.

Words & Images:

Auto Finesse Media Team


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