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Project Unknown - Mk2 Golf 20vT -
5 min read Wednesday 28 September 2016

Project Unknown - Mk2 Golf 20vT

When it comes to Mk2 golfs, they're built in many styles and variations. For some, a classic lowering and BBS treatment is enough, which does look brilliant. But for us here at Auto Finesse, we like to go that extra step, something out of the ordinary, something we have definitely achieved here; dubbed "Project Unknown' - Our Jap / Touring car inspired Kamei Mk2 golf 3 door, rocking a 1.8 20 valve BIG turbo engine, perhaps not the car for Mk2 purists.

The Kamei X1 kit has been in our possession for some time, we've been waiting for the perfect car to pop-up to twin it with, this shell was exactly that. - A three door freshly "painted" shell, which needed some love, but it was solid, which is exactly what we were after. - The kit was then marked up against the car and the cutting began, you wouldn't believe how much metal has been sacrificed get the car sitting like this. - The Kamei kit itself was finished in texture black, to match the OEM plastic trims it would origionally have had.

It was a tight fit, but we managed to get the 16×8.5J Centre-lock Ronals tucking up back, with not a MM to spare.

A huge thanks to the guys who laid down our design for the livery on the body, Identity Wraps did a great job in turning this around in no time at all!

Another great addition to the build was the acquiring of the Voomeran Cup Spoiler, all the way from Japan! - We haven't yet seen one on another car in the UK.

To add to the look of other parts we had purchased for the car, we had the spoiler finished with a carbon skinning, and texture black sides.

Now this is where the car comes to life, we accompanied the smoothed engine bay with a 20 valve turbo engine, and then pumped it full of steroids. Turbo Dynamics supplied us with this Borg Warner EFR Turbo, bolted up top with a top-mount tubular turbo manifold. How mean does that look?! - Not only that, but our good friends at Track Slag hooked us up with a 3″ exhaust system all the way back to the only silencer there, needless to say, this thing sounds incredible.

Our reservoirs were put to the right side of the back, plumbed in using only Goodridge hoses.

The gearbox short-shift tower looks like a work of art against the crackle black finished gearbox.

Our pedal box is also another thing that sets this car apart, we bolted it directly into place through the floor.

Now onto the interior, we went simple - but not boring! We have our deep dished Nardi wheel, CAE tower shifter, Hydraulic Pedal box, Bride Low-Max reclining bucket seats, Securon harnesses and carbon fibre door cars. - Alongside those, we had the dash, pillars and roof lining flocked.

The gauge dock in the space of the old cassette player works perfectly with the motorsport look we have achieved with this build, and the CAE shifter, well… Who doesn't love a naughty shifter!

The Brides aren't what you would usually expect to find in a VW, but that jap styling made its way inside, they fit the bill spot on, perfect colour. - The whole combination of everything inside makes you feel like you really are, ready to go on track.


VW Golf Mk2 1.8 20vT AGU engine, Modified intake & fuel rail, Larger injectors, custom exhaust system from Track Slag with 3″ turbo back, Borg Warner GTx3071R Turbo with Top mount Manifold, exterior mounted oil cooler


VW 02J 5-Speed Gearbox, Solid Driveshafts, VR6 Clutch and flywheel, Quiafe LSD, CAE Shifter.

Suspension & Brakes

Airlift 3P Performance Struts, g60 Brake set-up with grooved discs

Wheels & Tires

Ronal Racing 3-Piece magnesium splits, centre-lock 16×8-inch (front) 16×8.5-inch (rear), Falcon 185/40/R16


Full body race livery, alpine white full respray, Kamei X1 3 door Body Kit, Kamei X1 Badges, DTM Stubby mirrors, Voomeran Cup Spoler (Carbon blade)


Bride Low-Max seats, Securon harness belts, Turbo pressure, oil temperature & water temperature gauges, CAE Tower Shifter, Floor mounted hydraulic pedal box, Nardi deep dish steering wheel, carbon fibre door cards, flocked dash, pillars and roof lining


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