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Broke Boys at the Farm 4 -

Broke Boys at the Farm 4

Wednesday 30 June 2021

Check out all the action from one of the most hotly anticipated events of the year - it's Broke Boys

After three mega successful events, the annual show from Broke Boys kicked off for 2021 at a brand-new venue, and we just couldn't wait to get up to Warwickshire to check out one of the most anticipated gatherings of the year.

What we've always loved about these guys too, is the concept behind their collective ethos. They love their bonkers show builds for sure, but, being truly dedicated to acceptance in the car scene is their thing, so, there's no elitist attitudes towards other enthusiasts, either. In other words, they love everything, lock, stock and barrel. There's a lot to be said for that.

Of course, we just had to see what was in store this time around, so we soon decided to support the event with a full-on AF setup, including our huge Airstream pop-up shop, and of course our freshly-prepped Chevy Stepside, offering something of a centrepiece for their trade village.

When you talk about the variety of cars at BBATF, you see a huge diversity of builds in every stage of completion… and that's the whole point. Away from the trade arena - where you'll find some of the top UK show cars - it's an all-inclusive, everyone's-invited event with absolutely no submission and acceptance process. You simply pull up, get yourself a general admission ticket and you can either park up in the public carpark, or show your car in the arena. It couldn't be simpler.

Obviously, this brings with it the possibility of seeing plenty that you just won't find at other shows, creating a completely different vibe to what we're all used to at the majority of UK events.

And as for this huge variety of projects? A lot we liked, plenty we loved, and some… well, not so much our thing, but why not? That's okay, too, different strokes for different folks and all that.

Overall though, there was plenty to ponder in and around the venue. Here's a heady selection of what we bumped into throughout the day…

So, that was the 4th instalment of the Broke Boys franchise, and we have to say that we still love the idea that the spectator cars are essentially one of the biggest parts of the show. It's a great concept.

Thanks to everyone who came along to our stand for advice, some products or just a chat. We'll see you again next time.


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