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Edition38 Early Edition 2023 -

Edition38 Early Edition 2023

Monday 08 May 2023

The sun is shining (sort of) and summer is on the horizon. So, that can mean only one thing - it's time for Early Edition…

It's no secret that we're die-hard German car nuts here at Auto Finesse, in fact, we've got plenty of builds on our own project fleet that entirely proves the point, and then some. But, forget about our OG Caddy, the Caddy V2, Mk2 Golf and a whole string of other Porsches and BMWs for a second, because there's one event that comes close to the heart of every fan of cars from the fatherland, and that's Early Edition, lovingly brought to you by the guys at Edition38.

Now, it almost goes without saying that this is an event that we never like to miss, and that goes double this year as there's recently been a rather special Porsche 993 added to the AF collection; and there's nothing better than showing off a car like this one, right? And, what's more, landing right in the middle of the May bank holiday weekend, the weather forecast was looking perfect for what has become one of the most categorically laidback shows on the UK calendar. It's so laidback in fact, it's easy to get complacent… but of course, we didn't have time for all that. We were a little busy hooking up the AirStream, cramming our pop up store to the brim with a full range of top detailing products, and making our way up to Sywell Aerodrome in Northampton…

Now of course, the pressure of setting up the stand and finishing our cars to perfection in the limited time before any event is something we're extremely used to nowadays, as is sorting the other show car owners out with a helping hand and the correct detailing product for every task. But, perhaps the best thing about Early Edition, and something that's pretty unique nowadays, is the distinctly no-stress environment. It just seems less hectic than other shows. It's busy for sure, but it seems, for want of a better word, more chilled.

The other bit of course, is all the coolest of cool cars that turn up on the day. It's no secret that for the past decade or so the E38 team has laid on events mostly for Dubbers from the watercooled stable, but it's also pretty obvious that just about anything VAG and modified goes nowadays. You'll even see the odd Mercedes BMW creeping in, too - and not just our E28 M535i. Basically, if it's German and super-cool, their arms are wide open for you. And we like that, a lot.

Anyway, have a swipe through our extra special galleries below to check out a whole load of our favourite cars and a few other AF shenanigans from the day. If you were there parked up in the absolutely massive amount of cars on display, maybe we've caught your pride and joy on camera, too…

That was one of the best ways to spend any Sunday, that's for sure, but there's one more important thing that Early Edition always leaves us with - a feeling that we just can't wait for the next show from the Edition38 boys. Keep an eye on their website to find out exactly when that one will be, as soon as it's announced.

Thanks to everyone who popped by our stand and be sure to check out more top event reports on the Shows section of our blog.


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