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Worthersee Tour 2016 -
5 min read Wednesday 04 May 2016

Worthersee Tour 2016

Follow the team as we head to the madness that is Worthersee. Talk to anybody in the modified car scene and they have probably heard of it but until you have experienced it, it's hard to explain. Even having had experienced it, it's still difficult to quite describe how big this movement is and that's what it is, a movement of like-minded car enthusiasts that flock to the towns and villages that surround the lake, to chill with friends and admire other amazingly turned out vehicles, it's surreal. Drive anywhere within 50 miles and you will see 100s of other show-stopping cars driving around, or parked up at the restaurants and bars, or even having a "pop up" car meet, it really is a car guy's dream.


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