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We've been meaning to ask Shane to come in and talk to us about his beautiful Ford Sierra Estate for a while; he's a bank of knowledge to do with anything Ford and the story of this car is second to none.

He's built the perfect sleeper from its awesome story, with subtle changes to the exterior and an incredible Cosworth powerhouse under the bonnet. If you didn't know the car you’d probably just think it was a nice clean Ford. That is, until it’s let loose.

The outside of the car is full "Grandad spec"; subtle lows, period correct everything and a re-spray that looks better than factory.

The interior has been subtly changed in colour, but still holds all the characteristics you would expect from a car of this era.

The engine... Where do we start?! A fully-built Cosworth engine oozing with style and power, running a not-so-shy 400bhp!

What got you into cars?

"I’ve always had a love for cars, specifically Fords. I grew up in Denham and everyone I knew growing up had some connection to Ford. By the age of 7-8, I could tell makes and models of cars apart just by the rev range and type of gearbox. When my Dad was training to be an instructor, he worked for a place called DER and his first company car was a Mk1 Ford Escort Estate. When he set up his driving school, his first car was a Mk1 Escort 300xl, so I’ve always been around Fords.”

How long have you owned the Sierra?

"On and off for about 5 years. My mate and I built it, had it for a year and a half, then sold it. Once it was sold, I replaced it with a BMW M3, but from the off, it was a problem child. I had to persevere with the M3 until I got the chance to buy the Sierra back. Then I had some issues with keeping both the M3 and the Sierra, ended up swapping both for an 18 plate Ford Transit but that also had some problems. In the end, I sold the transit and bought the Sierra back for a third time."

What have you done to the car?

"The engine is a 205 Block YBT Cosworth, with a G19 6.5-litre race baffled sump, a heart power inlet plenum, standard inlet cam, T38 turbo with a T48 housing, AirTech RS500 intercooler and radiator setup, Motorsport developments fan loom and fuel pump loom, 044 fuel pump, along with a Gary Barker full engine bay loom.

"The transmission is a Barra Motorsport T5 and the diff is a Barra Motorsport 7.5-inch limited slip differential. It has a disk conversion on the back and the standard front brakes have been replaced in favour of Cosworth 2WD 4pots, complete with drilled and grooved disks.

"The suspension is GAZ Gold GHA's to the front, with GAZ Gold bespoke mark rear coilovers.

“Bodywork wise, other than the fresh re-spray, there’s a working twin-electric towbar, as we use it to tow the caravan, but I've deliberately made it look like a Grandad's car.”

What are your future plans for the car?

"For the moment, I'm going to leave it pretty much as it is."

What's your dream car or cars?

"Grey RS500 has to be an E plate, my Sierra Estate and something crazy like a 500hp M-Sport Transit... Oh and a MK2 Escort Ghia, chocolate brown with a sunroof for my dad"

What are your top 5 cleaning products?

"Citrus Power, because it's amazing at getting rid of those stubborn bugs and grime.
“Iron Out, as it just wipes away brake dust.
"Avalanche, because I can trust it and the flavoured ones smell amazing.
"Revive, because it's a great go-to product for shows and events.
"Finally, Satin because it’s a nice subtle finishing touch and is in-keeping with a clean sleeper.”

Massive thanks to Shane for coming down to the Detailing Academy and telling us all about his stunning Sierra for Build Talk!

Words: Jasper Joyce

Images: Tristan Davis