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Handi Puck Kit

Handi Puck Kit - Handi Polishing Kit

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How do you use the Clay Pad?

Our Clay Pad is designed to work alongside our Handi Puck and Glide. Start off by spraying the Clay Pad with Glide, work panel by panel in small strokes back and forth to remove the contaminates on the paintwork. Between each panel you should rinse the Clay Pad in a bucket of warm soapy water. Take a look at our blog post here for more information about how to use the Clay Pad.

How long will my Clay Pad last?

A Clay Pad will usually decontaminate 8-12 vehicles depending on how contaminated the paintwork is.

Handi Puck Kit

Ergonomic hand applicator pads perfect for all applications

Product Details

Product Information

Categories: Finishing
Product Type: Handi Polishing Kit
Product Code: HPK1

Handi Puck Car Polishing Kit V2 - New and improved for 2021/2022!

The Handi Puck Car Polishing Kit has been developed to minimise the effort involved in completing a wide variety of hand polishing, cleaning and finishing tasks.

Based around our ergonomic, high density foam Handi Puck Applicator, this collection of four popular accessories is designed to aid every part of your detail from start to finish.

x1 Microfibre Spot Pad 

Engineered specifically to increase the bite of abrasive compounds and polishes, Microfibre Spot Pads are the quick and easy way to transform your Handi Puck into an all-round hand polishing system. Featuring an 80mm microfibre polishing face and a foam centre core designed to take any contour in its stride, these essential accessories are capable of everything from cutting and restoring paintwork to removing stubborn oxidation.

x1 Tyre Spot Pad 

Created as part of the Handi Puck System, Tyre Spot Pads make the application and spreading of cream, liquid and gel-based tyre dressings easier than ever before. Featuring a specially-developed sandwich waffle face, Tyre Spot Pads are designed to promote even coverage of dressings over three-dimensional manufacturer sidewall markings and should treads, making them the ultimate applicators for that essential finishing touch.

x1 Wax Spot Pad 

Developed to provide even application of hard waxes. Wax spot pads transform your Hand Puck into the ideal finishing tool capable of applying multiple wax-based protection layers to a whole vehicle in a matter of minutes. Constructed from super-soft, scratch-less foam, just a quarter of a turn in your favourite hard wax will be enough to complete each panel, making adding durable protection quicker and easier than ever before.

x1 Scrubi Spot Pad

Scrubi Spot Pads are a master multitasker and the perfect accessories to transform your Handi Puck into an all-round deep-cleaning implement. Ideal for taking on the direst detailing jobs, from cleaning tyre to quickly scrubbing stains from interior carpets, rooflines, and fabric soft tops. Scrubi Spot Pads are constructed from tough, hard foam which is designed to increase the effectiveness of any cleaning product under agitation.

Care Instructions: Hand wash only with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, lay to dry.


  • Total Size: H 0.00mm x W 0.00mm x D 0.00mm
  • Weight: 120.00g

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