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Got something rare, exciting or just cool?

Think it would make a great addition to our stand Then let us know, submit your car for consideration, who knows it could be on show at our next event.

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T&Cs for Joining Us

We want joining us at an event to be an enjoyable experience,
but we need to lay down some ground rules so we are all on the same page here.

  1. No "bass cars" or sound "sound system bangers" We will arrange the music.
  2. No revving, no banging, no acting up; we are all car enthusiasts, but
    there's a time and a place for it and a static car display, isn't it?
  3. No other detailing products to be displayed. We get that you might not exclusively use Auto Finesse products, and that you might pick and choose between other brands for certain items as a matter of personal preference. However, having other manufacturers' products, bags, or display items on show in our section is not permitted. If you are sponsored by another brand, then please respect us and them and don't apply.
  4. Don't park like you're at the supermarket car park.
    This is a car show. Give yourself and others some room, and try to
    position your car so that it will photograph well and won't obstruct
  5. Bring a good vibe.