Region: Japan

Auto Finesse | Japan

"The word "Detailing" is something very new in Japan. In Japanese, "Sensha" meaning "to wash" was an overall broad description. I was confident that I would be able to fill in the gap if I brought in "Detailing" to Japan. The brand that fulfilled my idea was Auto Finesse, and I currently still stand with the choice I made."

Region: Portugal, Spain

Auto Finesse | Portugal

"What stood out to us is everything we saw back then and continue to see on a daily basis. The special offers, the marketing, the design, the cars. That whole vibe is fantastic for us! We felt a click and said "we have to sell Auto Finesse products in Portugal, and that's exactly what we did"

Region: China

Auto Finesse | China

"Yes we have a walk in store and detailing bay in China. People can come to Chinese academy shopping, asking their questions about detailing.There are more than 200 detailers finished our course and get their skills and business onto next level."