Product Information

Product Type: Car Duster
Product Code: CD4

The Dust Buddy is the perfect alternative to microfibre cloths for any enthusiast who loves to keep their pampered project looking crisp at all times.

Ideal for dry dusting bodywork - or for eradicating dry polish residue immediately after paint correction - the Dust Buddy is constructed from over 950 double-twisted microfibre strands, each 100mm long and perfectly adapt to shaping to every curve and moulding to every recess.    

Also ideal for use on dashboards and interior trim, the high electrostatic grade fibres create a charge across the surface that not only attracts dust, pollen and lint like a magnet, but physically grabs and locks away every speck, without simply pushing and sweeping these tiny particles into awkward panel gaps.  

Safe to use on all paint types, glass, plastics and vinyl wraps, just glide your Dust Buddy across the surface, and shake out when you’re finished, that’s it!  

Complete with a generous, 510mm handle - to ensure that no part of your vehicle goes unreached - our ultimate microfibre duster is also supplied with a protective, vinyl storage bag meaning your Dust Buddy will always be fresh and ready for action.  

Product Summary

  • Total Size: H 850.00mm x W 100.00mm x D 500.00mm
  • Weight: 10.00g

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