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Product Type: 2-Litre Pump Sprayer
Product Code: PSY15

The Auto Finesse pressure sprayer has now progressed to a new level, not only can it offer all of its original qualities but it can foam too! Great for all those, that do not have access to a pressure washer or foam lance. The Auto Finesse Foaming Pressure Sprayer can do the job easily and effectively, snow foaming your car just became whole lot easier.

The ultimate Foaming Pressure Sprayer from decanting Citrus Power Bug & Grime Remover pre-wash to mixing up the correct dilution of Verso All Purpose Cleaner, the Auto Finesse Foaming Pressure Sprayer is the ideal accessory for getting the most from your dilutable, and 5-litre trade-size, detailing products.

Featuring a large, translucent 2-litre bottle - marked in 200ml increments for hassle-free, accurate dilution of any spray-on solution - the Pressure Sprayer is designed to quickly and efficiently atomise liquids with far less effort, or wastage, than a traditional spray trigger.  

Benefiting from tough, ABS construction, this professional grade, all-purpose sprayer has been specifically designed to withstand the rigours of day-to-day use and comes complete with selectable narrow and wide spray patterns for the very best in detailing versatility.  

With durable internals, designed to stand up to the strongest wheel cleaners and chemical cleaning solutions, the Pressure Sprayer is an absolute must-have for those who detail vehicles on a regular basis.  Every Auto Finesse Foaming Pressure Sprayer comes with 2 fitments, its original fitments for general cleaners and its new foaming fitments for Avalanche & Lavish.

Product Summary


  • Total Size: H 0.00mm x W 0.00mm x D 0.00mm
  • Weight: 500.00g

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