Product Information

Product Type: 2 Day Detailing Course
Product Code: PROVAL

Our two-day Professional Detailing Course is perfect for those looking to start a career in the car detailing industry.

Aimed at both new and existing valeters, we provide comprehensive hands-on training on how to clean a car effectively, safely and efficiently.

Delivered exclusively to a maximum group of 8 persons, the professional valeting course is headed up by one of our master instructors at our state-of-the-art Detailing Academy in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire. Accompanied by a support detailer, this not only provides you with a small enough group setting to maximise and focus our energy on ensuring you get a perfectly tailored experience but also the small focus group helps with having other people to bounce ideas, questions and experience from, we often find one attendee may ask a question the others may not of necessarily thought of but find knowing the answer too extremely helpful. Having 2 detailers on hand means nobody is left to their own devices and everyone gets the care and attention they need to grow and develop their skill set in their time spent at the Academy. 


We will carry out a complete full valet from start to finish as a group effort. Learn the correct processes to carry out a professional, in-depth and comprehensive valet. This will include all manner of cleaning; from the engine bay to the interior and the exterior. Inside the vehicle, you’ll learn how to shampoo upholstery and carpets, as well as how to correctly detail the headlining. Outside, we’ll take you through correct and safe washing methods, the liquid decontamination of paint, paintwork polishing and how to present a vehicle to perfection using finishing touches such as trim dressings, polishes and waxes, as well as helpful tips on how to ensure a smear-free finish on glass every time.


Day 2 consists of some recaps of fundamental parts from day one to bolster your complete and comprehensive knowledge on the basics as well as training for smaller services, such as a basic safe wash and mini valets. During the second day of training, you’ll learn the most effective routines, what’s generally included as part of each service, as well as the products you‘ll need and how to use them to deliver high-quality consistent results in the most time-efficient and safe manner.

Skills you’ll acquire during our two-day specialist course:

- How to detail cars to a high standard, following a proven process.
- Detail cars more cost-effectively, with less physical effort.
- Resolve common problems such as stubborn stains, odours dull paintwork and scratches.
- Knowing how to properly use products and how to get the most from then, while knowing which products are best used where with top trade tips and tricks for other potential uses.
- Learn the uses of professional valeting equipment.

Product Summary

• 2 day practical hands-on training course
• 1 detailing instructor with a max group of 4 trainees 
• 20% discount on products and ongoing trade account included
• Certification of completion on the final day

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