Citrus Power VS Dynamite

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• Wax and sealant safe pre washes

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• Pre-wash and Snow foam - what comes first

• Why use pre-wash

Citrus Power VS Dynamite

One of the most popular questions our customer care team have been asked the past few months has been this "what's the difference between Citrus Power and Dynamite" and rightly so. Whilst these two detailing products do a similar thing, there are some quite distinct differences that would have you opting for one over the other in different situations. To start with we need to understand the purpose of a pre wash, that is to remove as much dirt and road grime before you actually come in to contact with the vehicle. But wait "doesn't snow foam do that" yer kinda, but in some cases you might opt for one rather than the other, and in even more extreme cases you might opt for using both a pre-wash and a snow foam together.Pre wash is all about removing dirt and road grime from the paintwork before you come in to contact with it, however not all cars are the same and nor are all circumstances.

Citrus Power

Citrus Power VS Dynamite

Citrus Power a ready to use solution that contains a Citrus extract that is highly effective at penetrating grease. This helps a more gentle cleaner breakthrough and break down the grime, separating it from the surface to be rinsed away without damaging or degrading the wax or sealant layers on the vehicles paintwork. It's also highly effective at loosening and removing bug splatter. The main point withCitrus Power is its effectiveness whilst still being wax and sealant safe, so it can be used regularly over extended periods of time without reducing the durability of any sealant or wax layers. So reach for Citrus PowerBug & Grime Remover always on a previously detailed car.


Citrus Power VS Dynamite

Now Dynamite is a different beast altogether, whilst once again its purpose is to loosen and remove road grime this Traffic Film Remover is a stronger detergent that comes as a concentrate, so you can dilute to suit the job in hand. Aimed more towards those "pre detail cleans" and cars that are a little more caked and maybe haven't seen the love they deserve in a while. Dynamite TFR is tough on road grime even at 1:7 dilutions, and whilst its safe on delicate trim finishes and polished surfaces it's not as gentle on waxes and sealants, prolonged use will see these drop back prematurely. What's more, is you can dilute 1:1 and use it to clean engine bays & door jambs. Or perhaps you're dealing with something a bit more serious like a truck or commercial vehicle. You can dial in the mix to suit, anywhere from 1:2 - 1:5 depending on what you need. Some have even been known to use it as a mid-weight wheel cleaner.

Layering Snow Foam

Citrus Power VS Dynamite

Another question we get a lot is: "can you use a snow foam and a pre-cleaner together." The simple answer is "Yes" Snow foams like our Avalanche Snow Foam are great because they are not only wax and sealant friendly, but they also offer the capability of covering an entire vehicle quickly from a foam lance. Part of what makes a Snow Foam highly effective is its ability to foam. Now this doesn't do a lot in terms of brute cleaning power, but what it does do is help keep a cleaning agent in contact with the surface for longer than just a liquid spray. This extended dwell time means the surfactants are able to work for longer, getting more penetration into the dirt and road grime and lifting more off with a less aggressive detergent solution.

Layering a snow foam over a pre-wash is something we are big fans of and do a lot, think of it like spot isolation cleaning, you can pick out and target the areas that require added assistance, treat those with your pre-wash and snow foam over the top. Leave all to dwell and rinse off together, balancing the results and targeting only the specific areas that require a more intensive clean.

Citrus Power VS Dynamite

In summary:

Citrus Power

• Ready to use

• Wax & Sealant Safe

• Great at removing bug splats


• Concentre, dilute to suit.

• Heavy cleaning power

• Versatile for many uses