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Get Your Wheels Gleaming With Our Range of Wheel Cleaning Brushes

We all know that the best wheel cleaning products should always be used with the best wheel cleaning brushes to achieve the best results. That’s why we have a full range of the best wheel brushes designed specifically to agitate our wheel cleaners and eliminate brake dust, grime and dirt from all wheel surfaces. Unlike paintwork, wheels come in all sorts of intricate designs, so we’ve developed our range of wheel brushes to suit, and enable you to agitate your cleaners into every nook and recess. After all, cleaning the hard-to-reach areas such as the inner wheel barrels and behind the spokes is just as important as the faces to eliminate the risk of corrosion caused by heavy contamination. Our wheel brushes for cars come in various shapes and feature scratch-less cleaning faces to suit every painted, lacquered or powder coated alloy or steel wheel, along with those sporting sensitive finishes including chrome, polished and anodised wheels. Tough on dirt and grime yet gentle on your wheels, our wheel cleaning brushes assure a safe yet thorough wash for a professional wheel makeover.

Wheel Perfection Starts at Auto Finesse

We manufacture and supply our own range of exclusive wheel cleaning brushes designed for detailers by detailers. When your detailing brushes seem to be falling short, choose one of our ultimate wheel cleaning accessories to get the very best from your wheel cleaners. Here are just a few of our best-selling wheel detailing brushes:

  • Wheel cleaning brush – Our Barrel Brush is one of the all-time wheel detailing staples. Loved by professionals this extra-long brush features durable scratch-less bristles and a bendable shaft to help you get into all the hard-to-reach parts. Ideal for cleaning areas such as the inner barrels and behind the spokes our Barrel Brush is designed specifically to agitate wheel cleaners in the most awkward places.
  • Lambswool wheel brush – Our collection of super-soft Wonder Wool Wheel Brushes come in different sizes and have been developed for use on the most sensitive aftermarket wheel finishes. Ideal for extra safe cleaning on bare metal, polished, chrome anodised and all other specialist finishes.
  • Microfibre wheel brush – Our super-soft Microfibre Wheel Brush is designed to pamper the most sensitive surfaces of them all. Constructed using a deep pile microfibre pad, this wheel cleaning accessory traps dirt and grit particles deep within its fibres to eliminate the risk of scratching. This professional wheel brush is designed to be extremely durable, even after regular use under the toughest conditions, making it popular with professionals and enthusiasts alike. Explore more of the best wheel cleaning brushes in our online store!

Wheel Care Essentials: Explore Our Accessory Line-up

The best cleaning experience demands worthwhile investments, and we have a full range of professional detailing accessories developed in-house to make your detail easier than ever before.

When it comes to your wheel cleaning routine, we offer supporting accessories to help you push your detailing to the next level with unmatched comfort and convenience. Here’s just a few that you can choose to upgrade your detailing kit:

  • 2-litre pump sprayer – Our Foaming Pressure Sprayer is not only great for dilution and application of your favourite wheel cleaning agents - such as Imperial Wheel Cleaner Concentrate - but with its new foaming attachment can also be used with Avalanche Snow Foam. The Foaming Pressure Sprayer atomises liquids effortlessly minimising waste and ensuring you get your cleaners to the areas where they’re needed most.
  • Bucket and grit guard – Because of the heavy contamination involved, we recommend using a dedicated bucket just for cleaning your wheels. Our professional Detailing Buckets are crafted from industrial-grade materials, to support a lifetime of use and feature a robust grit guard to help prevent the recirculation of potentially harmful particles back onto your wash media.
  • 1-litre mixing bottle – The Pro Mixing Bottle is not only the perfect accessory for application of the ready-to-use cleaning products in our trade size 5-Litre range. But this versatile accessory is also ideal for mixing up any spray-on cleaning agent that requires dilution. A super-tough spray bottle with a multitude of uses in and around your car.
  • Foam kneeling pad – Our professional-grade Auto Finesse branded Kneeling Pad is made from soft yet supremely durable foam and ideal for making cleaning wheels and the lower portions of your car a whole lot more comfortable.
  • Bucket trolley – Designed to save on the heavy lifting, our Bucket Caddy has been designed to fit our 20-litre Detailing Buckets and even comes with extra pockets for all your wheel cleaning products and acessories. Featuring a tough ABS construction with industry-grade castor wheels, this is one of the all-time best professional detailing accessories.

Wheel Cleaning Brushes FAQ

1. What are barrel brushes?

The purpose of our long Barrel Brushes is to help ensure that your cleaning agents reach, and are agitated into, the hard-to-reach areas on your wheels. These areas are those that are difficult to get to with a short brush or wash mitt such as the inner wheel barrels and often behind the spokes. Our barrel brush features long, durable, scratch-free bristles that agitate wheel cleaners effectively but without damaging surfaces.

2. Why do you need a wheel-cleaning brush?

Just like all cleaning agents wheel cleaners require a little agitation to be most effective. Agitation isn’t about physically scrubbing the surface, using a brush to agitate your wheel cleaner has two main purposes. First it ensures that the cleaning agent reaches every nook, recess and dirt trap where there may be a build-up of grime. And second it moves away any spent solution – or wheel cleaner encapsulating the maximum amount of grime – and replenishes the area with fresh solution to work on any remaining contamination. This is why agitation always makes the most of your wheel cleaners.

3. How do I choose a proper wheel-cleaning brush?

Choosing the correct brush always depends on the wheels you have on your car. You best choice comes both down to wheel design and wheel finish. Some wheels are far more intricate than others to clean, these may require smaller brushes to be able to access every nook. Aftermarket wheels often have very different, and more sensitive, finishes to OEM painted or powder coated wheels. In these cases, you may be looking for the gentlest wheel cleaning brush for increase safety.

4. How do I ensure safety when using wheel brushes for cars?

Even though our wheel brushes are designed to be safe on all wheel types it’s still essential to follow a professional wheel cleaning routine for the safest and most effective wheel wash. Always rinse down your wheels first, this will remove loose grime and large particle debris, allowing your wheel cleaners to get to work where they’re most needed. When brushing in your cleaning agents excessive pressure isn’t needed, agitation isn’t about physical scrubbing. Finally, always clean out your wheel brushes after use and before your store them away for your next detail.

5. Why shop for wheel brushes and accessories from Auto Finesse?

Our wheel brushes have been developed in-house by our own professional detailers. With many years of experience in the professional detailing industry we’ve created the solutions to all manner of problems that we’ve come across in that time. It’s no different when it comes to cleaning wheels. Our wheel brushes are designed to give you the best professional results for any type of wheel, the reason why we have such an extensive range of options.

6. Are wheel cleaning brushes from Auto Finesse safe for all wheel types?

Yes, we feature a wheel brush in our range to safely and effectively clean every type of wheel and every conceivable wheel finish. Read through our product descriptions before purchasing to identify what wheel cleaning brush is best to meet your requirements.