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Care For Your Rubber With Our Advanced Tyre Cleaning Products

To keep them in the best possible condition your regular wheel cleaning routine should always address your tyres, too. Keep your rubber looking its best with our specially formulated Tread Tyre Cleaner. This powerful product has been specifically developed to break down the most stubborn contamination without drying out the surface of your treads and sidewalls, even with regular use. Be it routine maintenance or deep-cleaning, our tyre cleaning products and accessories are suitable for every detail. Say goodbye to the struggle of safely eliminating the heaviest dirt and grime from tyres and hello to restoring a factory-fresh look.

Take a peek into our collection of advanced products and discover more than just rubber and tyre cleaners. We feature all the tyre cleaning accessories you need for quick and effective detailing, too.

Auto Finesse Tyre Cleaning Products – The Secret Behind A New Look

The best tyre cleaners and accessories make the cleaning process more efficient while keeping the process safe for rubber surfaces. Our professional products are not only designed for cleaning but for conditioning your tyres, restoring any tired, worn-out surfaces to like new. We also offer our special Rubber Scrubber Tyre Brush to agitate your cleaner solution and draw out more grime than ever before. Achieve optimal cleaning results and leave your tyres ready for the application of any tyre dressing, by using our specially-developed products and accessories. Here are some of our best-selling items:

  • Rubber and Tyre Cleaner: Purge surface contaminants like never before! Our spray-on Tread Tyre Cleaner contains a unique blend of degreasers and heavy-duty cleaning agents designed to safely tackle the harshest heavy soiling, road films, mud and even ingrained grime, on evey detail without drying out your rubber.
  • Tyre Brush: Our Rubber Scrubber Tyre Brush has been specifically designed to draw out harmful contamination from under the surface of your tread and sidewalls. Constructed with stiff bristles this is the ultimate brush to agitate your Tread Tyre Cleaner, refreshing the solution and making the most of its intense, deep-cleaning power.

Explore our range of rubber and tyre cleaners, developed to prevent your rubber from browning and degrading. Expect our advanced cleaning solutions to penetrate deep into surfaces to remove contamination and prepare for the bonding of your favourite tyre dressing like a pro.

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A pleasant shopping experience awaits all at Auto Finesse. Grab all your tyre cleaning products and accessories with hassle-free payments and industry-leading customer support. Prolong the life of your tyres by investing in our products and saving on premature replacements.

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