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Matte wraps and matte paint finishes have seen quite the surge in popularity in recent years and not just as an aftermarket choice, either. More and more manufacturers are offering matte paint in particular as an option when speccing a new car, so we thought we’d put together a piece detailing some of the rules you’d be wise to follow upon detailing either a matte wrap or matte paint finishes.

The wash stage is identical to any other wash stage and can be followed as the cleaning stage for both matte wraps and matte paint finishes:

Firstly, we tackle the wheels. Our Imperial wheel cleaner together with our Barrel Trio Brushes is the ultimate combo to clean every aspect of the alloy wheels. Wheels clean, it’s time to move onto the body and that wrap.

As with any wash stage, Avalanche Snow Foam is the go-to product. Use Avalanche together with a snow foam lance to get the absolute best foamability coating possible and allow the product to dwell on the surface for several minutes to really target and loosen any surface-based dirt and grime. Finish up the snow foam stage by rinsing off the solution with a jet wash, working from the top of the vehicle down. Allowing the water to travel this way will ensure that all loose particles are completely rinsed from the vehicle.

The next stage is to use our acclaimed bug and grime remover spray Citrus Power. Spray across the vehicle, either across the whole surface, or targeted, depending how dirty the vehicle is and allow the solution to dwell for a few minutes before rinsing. Now you’re ready for the contact wash stage.

Using the two-bucket method, mix up our Lather shampoo in one bucket and straight clean water in the second for rinsing. Submerge our Noodle Mitt into the soapy water and wash in straight lines across the surface to avoid incurring swirl marks at the wash stage.

The final stage of the contact wash stage is to dry the surface using the large Aqua Deluxe drying towel. AF QUICK TIP – Auto Finesse Finale Quick Detailer is great for getting rid of any lasting watermarks after the drying stage.

Auto Finesse ObliTARate tar remover is a great product to use for decontamination of matte wraps and matte paint finishes. You just need to use it slightly different to how you would normal paintwork. Rather than spraying ObliTARate tar remover directly on the vehicle, spray it directly onto a work cloth (NOT an applicator) and gently wipe the tar away. AF QUICK TIP – Pop on a glove and feel the surface for any uneven areas. Once assessed, target those areas as above.

And lastly is protection. Matte wraps and matte paint finishes can be protected, you just need to use the correct products. You can use a spray wax such as Glisten to protect the surfaces of matte wraps and matte paint, or as you can see in the pics of the Deranged Ranger, we’ve protected the entire thing using our Caramics ceramic paintwork protection kit. Simply use the included wipes to lightly coat each surface and you’re done.

AF top DO NOTS when it comes to detailing matte wraps and matte paint finishes:

DO NOT use polishes, glazes, waxes or abrasives. Spray wax is fine, such as Auto Finesse Glisten. However, do note that any waxes have gloss enhancers that may diminish the matte properties.
DO NOT use any wax that has a paste-like consistency – the crackle top coat of the matte surface will be affected.
DO NOT use Iron Out on matte wraps. Can be used on matte paint surfaces, though. Iron Out effectively melts metal shards that are stuck in a paint’s surface.
DO NOT clay bar any wrap.

Words & Images:

Auto Finesse Media Team