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Differences between Tripple and One Step -
5 min read Thursday 29 July 2021

Differences between Tripple and One Step

Learn the difference and reap the rewards

For super-quick paint correction and enhancement Tripple All-in-One Polish and One Step All-in-One Compound simply can't be beaten on performance and usability. One of the big questions our customer service team are always asked though is: what's the difference between the two? It's a good question too, because while they are very alike, they're also extremely different. So, allow us to explain…

How are they alike?

Technically both are compound polishes that contain diminishing abrasives. Like all abrasive paint correction and refinement products, these are designed to work away a tiny layer of the top surface of your paintwork to cut away defects.

The advanced diminishing abrasives our products contain are also designed to break down as the formulas are worked through. Basically, the abrasive particles are smashed together and fractured into smaller particles, making them less and less abrasive along the way. This gives more refinement from the finer particles at the finish than you got from the coarser particles at the start. One key difference between Tripple and One Step is the coarseness of these abrasives straight out of the bottle, and how much they break down as they're worked through on the paintwork.

For more information on how abrasives are able to cut and refine different types of paintwork, and how they break down along the way, you can check out our full machine polishing guide here.

The differences

The other key differences between Tripple and One Step include where, when and how you'd use them, the ingredients found in each, and the kind of results that can be achieved. Let's take a look at each product in detail…

Tripple All-in-One Polish

The king of enhancement details, Tripple is a hugely versatile, all-in-one product designed to clean, refine and protect paintwork at the same time, with a single application.

This triple-action (Tripple - get it?) comes from the unique combination of ingredients. This blend of advanced diminishing abrasives and deep-cleaning solvents is capable of eradicating light swirl marks, oxidation (where paint and clearcoat reacts with oxygen in the air, causing fading) and water spots through both mechanical abrasion and chemical removal, making it extremely effective for cleansing.

These abrasives are extremely fine to start off with, making Tripple not only capable of refining paintwork down to a flawless finish but, easy to work through and break down, even by hand. This is what makes it a true easy-on, easy-off product, and one that can be utilised with nothing more than a Microfibre Work Cloth for cleaning and adding protection to the most awkward areas like door jambs, painted surfaces in the engine bay, panel shuts, behind door handles and numerous other parts, including those constructed from gloss plastics. With a Polish Pad, Microfibre Applicator or Dual Action Machine Polisher, Tripple can't be beaten when enhancing full panels, either.

Finally, Tripple contains special glazing agents which have been developed to fill swill marks and obscure minor defects. And, because it's infused with T1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba it will further enhance paintwork with a deep, high gloss finish. This high-end wax infusion does mean that Tripple isn't the product to use if you're planning on adding a ceramic coating later, chiefly because the wax layer will block the molecular bonding of the coating and paintwork. But, it will add a layer of wax protection with durability of up to a month making it a great stand-alone product, or ideal for use as a base for adding even more gloss and durable protection with one of our Signature Hard Waxes or Radiance Carnauba Crème.

The lightning quick solution for a huge variety of jobs!

One Step All-in-One Compound

Specifically developed for use with our DPX and MPX Dual Action Machine Polishers, One Step is the only product of its kind capable of starting as a coarse/medium cutting compound and breaking down to a refining polish as it's worked through. This offers a wider range of cut than traditional compounds and means it's capable of removing heavy swirl marks and defects, while breaking down to reveal a near flawless finish. With One Step of course, all this can be achieved without the need to change pads or products along the way.

Technically, given enough time, One Step could be used by hand but, because these heavy abrasives need a lot of working to break all the way down through the cutting, polishing and refining stages, One Step is designed chiefly as a machine polishing compound.

Unlike Tripple, which is designed to fill and obscure defects, One Step is purely for correction and has been developed to give a true finish. It contains no glazes or waxes, and leaves behind nothing but the bare, refined paintwork, making it the perfect base for the chemical bonding involved when using a ceramic coating, like our Caramics Paintwork Protection Kit.

That's not to say that wax protection can't be used over the top of One Step, too. It also creates the perfect base for wax bonding. What's more, a great 2-stage enhancement can be achieved by applying this product first, followed by Tripple for further paint refinement and glazing, adding extra deep gloss and a little wax protection. Tripple after One Step, but never the other way around… or you'd just be stripping away the Tripple.

The easy-to-use correction king… and all in one step!

In brief...


  • Cleans, polishes and protects in one
  • Contains fine abrasives to refine paintwork and cut away light swirling
  • Infused with carnauba to install a wax-based protection layer
  • Packed with deep-cleaning agents to tackle paint oxidation
  • Easy application via hand or machine polisher
  • Ideal for cleaning and protecting awkward areas
  • Leaves the perfect base for further wax-based protection
  • Ideal for use with soft Revitalise No:3 Pads, Polish Pads and Microfibre Applicators
  • Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1-litre bottles

One Step

  • Breaks down from a coarse cutting compound to a fine refining polish
  • Designed for removing heavy swirl marks and defects
  • Leaves the perfect base for ceramic coatings or hard waxes
  • Chiefly for use with Dual Action Machine Polishers
  • Ideal for use with medium Revitalise No:2 Pads and Spot Pads
  • Available in 250ml and 500ml bottles


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