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It has to be said that Iron Out Contaminant Remover is one of our most popular kitbag essentials. Designed to chemically dissolve metal particles, it’s the only way to safely remove the tiny pieces of ferrous material that can become embedded into exterior surfaces. In fact, decontamination is a huge part of getting your car ready for winter, so here’s a few top tips and tricks for getting the very most from your bottle…

How it's done…

Iron Out is the master for eradicating brake dust and other metal contaminants on wheels during the occasional decon, even if you simply spray-on and rinse.

But, you can get your Iron Out working even harder, by brushing in with Revolution Wheel Soap before you rinse. Start by using a Barrel Brush to deep clean inside.

And then use a Detailing Brush to take care of the faces and any awkward recesses.

Once you’ve rinsed away the milkshake-like residue, your wheels will be cleaner than ever. But that’s not all…

The same process can be used on exhaust tips. Simply spay on liberally.

Deep clean inside using a Barrel Brush, or Mini Barrel Brush.

Finish with a Detailing Brush.

And simply rinse the worst contaminants away.

Finally, it’s best to use Iron Out on paintwork during every full decontamination wash.

Once sprayed on you’ll notice that it quickly reacts with any metal contaminants that have ingrained themselves in paintwork.

But, for extra bite, you can gently work it in with a microfibre Polish Pad.

Once rinsed you’ll see that it’s a seriously effective method, and a great way to prepare for the rest of your paint decontamination.

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