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Revive and Dressle: The Differences -
5 min read Friday 18 September 2020

Revive and Dressle: The Differences

One thing our top customer service team is always being asked is the difference between Revive Trim Dressing and Dressle All Purpose Dressing. Both are some of our most popular finishing stage products, and both are designed as top-notch dressings that will not only breathe new life into your trim, but also take the finish of your whole detail to the next level. But how are they different? And how can you use them to get the very best from each product? Well, allow us to explain…


Remaining one of the most essential tools in any detailing arsenal, Revive is all about restoration and durability. Designed to darken and restore colour to exterior plastic trim, this silicone-based, water-resistant solution comes as a thick, viscous liquid that is perfectly suited to targeted application with a foam or microfibre applicator.

But, leaving behind a slick, satin finish is merely the start here, the advanced formula contains silicone-polymers which bond to surfaces to not only shield against the fading effects of UV radiation, but also install hydrophobic properties to repel water and grime. Durability is the key to all this, it's these polymers that enable the coating on the surface to resist regular washing and maintain a subtle "as-new' finish to your trim.

Revive should always be applied to clean, dry trim, and worked in (with light pressure) to create uniform coverage. It's also good to remember that a little goes a long way here; over-application will do no harm to your car but, applied properly, Revive can be one of the most cost-effective restoration products out there. Revive also takes just 5-10 minutes to fully cure, before you can gently buff away any excess with a microfibre cloth to finish. Minimal effort, maximum results, and a fantastic degree of long-lasting protection.


Dressle is not just a versatile finishing product, it's actually one of our most versatile products, period. That goes for both the way it can be applied, and where you can use it.

Initially designed as a dressing to bring a deep rich finish to interior plastics, rubber and vinyl. This water-based formula dries to a non-sticky, non-greasy finish, and is packed with UV inhibitors to prevent surfaces from fading. This, and the fact that it contains no oils, waxes or petroleum distillates makes it perfect for use in any cockpit… but all that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Dressle is also super effective on exterior trim. It's not designed to add a durable protection layer as such, but the dry touch solution actively soaks into the pores in rubber and plastics, enhancing the finish and bringing them back to life.

The milky liquid consistency is also what makes it so versatile when it comes to application. You can use a "spray and wipe' method, a more targeted application by spritzing onto a microfibre cloth or applicator, or for the most awkward areas (like plastic arch liners for example), simply spray and walk away. Dressle actually blends into itself as it cures, levelling and spreading the coating to leave behind a finish that looks better than new. It can also be applied to wet or dry surfaces, making it a real time saver.

One of the most popular uses for Dressle comes in finishing engine bays. This is for one reason - this particular All Purpose Trim Dressing makes the process easier than it's ever been before. Simply spray the solution liberally over all the engine bay plastics, metal, rubber and painted parts, close the bonnet and leave to cure for 4-6 hours. After this time Dressle will have soaked into any trim that needs to be rejuvenated, coated and dressed any other parts and the transformation will be complete. You can then buff away any excess with a clean microfibre. It just doesn't get any simpler than that, does it?


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