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How we do merchandise -
5 min read Thursday 12 April 2018

How we do merchandise

If you know a little about us already, you'll know that Auto Finesse prides itself on producing and developing all of its products in house. Well, development doesn't stop at the car products, we also have an awesome merch line of more than 30 items!

That's right. We don't just look after every aspect of your car, our awesome - if we do say so ourselves - media and design team are constantly designing new merchandise for you guys to wear! Whether you're a professional detailer, you just like our products or you're a detail-obsessive when it comes to your own cars; we literally have you covered!

We have a fully-loaded array of more than 30 items of clothing that we've designed in-house, from hoodies to T-Shirts and beanies - for when it's a bit cold outside but detailing your car takes priority.

But what's the process?! Well, our team put ideas to head honcho James who gives the final go ahead on the design or not… The team is always designing and talking about new prints and cool art for the tees, but only the very best get past James. One of the all-time favourites with our customers is the Car Care Worldwide pull over Hoodie which was done to mark the start of Auto Finesse attending shows internationally - it was the team top for a European tour we did back in 2014 - and our customers, as well as our professional detailer base seem to love it.

Once the design has got the go ahead from James, it's off to be printed. In small, exclusive batches we print them all on-site by hand - if you've seen our recent Ultimate Dubs video (search YouTube) then you'll have seen a small clip of some of our merch getting hand screen printed! It's really pretty cool. The reason we do it all on site and do it all by hand is so that changes and styles can be made often. We are constantly listening to our customers, so that we are constantly evolving and creating better products - products that our customers want. We aim to change up our merchandise every month or two, to keep things fresh, but there are always some items that stick around as classics.

Customer feedback is key and we take this on board across the whole business, so if you've got any suggestions in terms of design or fancy seeing something new in the line, drop us an email at - mankinis are a no, I'm afraid.


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