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Top of the Drops - The most popular cars in music history -
5 min read Tuesday 23 February 2021

Top of the Drops - The most popular cars in music history

Auto Finesse has analysed the music video database from IMCDB, the Internet Movie Car Database, which keeps records of hundreds of thousands car appearances in a range media.

By isolating the hip-hop artists, we have discovered the most popular makes of cars in hip-hop music videos by artist, make and model.

When we analyse the thousands of eligible songs, we discover that unsurprisingly Chevrolet takes the top spot. The American icon has produced a range of models that infiltrated the music scene, but none more so than the Chevrolet Impala.

It has featured in videos by Ice Cube and T.I. but it was its appearance in Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg's Still D.R.E. in 1999 that really cemented its legacy. Now, after decades of appearances, hip-hop and the Chevy Impala go together like Gin and Juice.

Ford, which finished in second place, may well be inflated by the fact that they make the Ford Crown Victoria, more commonly recognised as the Police Interceptor, of which 1.5 million models were made and feature heavily in the story elements of music videos. Mercedes comes in at third place, and surprisingly Cadillac, which is famous for its lowrider conversions doesn't finish in the top three.

Rounding out the list is the surprising entry of Volkswagen, Honda and Toyota, with the more expected Lamborghini and Ferrari in ninth and tenth place. In terms of models that were mentioned the most, the Impala featured 203 times, good for number one on the list, giving two victories to Chevrolet.

Rick Ross is far and away the leader in the artist's category, with one hundred cars appearing in his music videos, nearly double his closest competitors. Chevrolet's have appeared the most in his music videos, including the eponymous track Box Chevy which predominantly features a 1987 Chevrolet Caprice.

Next up is a man who needs no introduction because his music does it for him. DJ Khaled features over 50 cars in his music videos, 10 of them being Rolls-Royces. Unsurprisingly the Chevrolet also makes eight appearances, followed by six Lamborghini's. The collaborator is closely followed by T.I who features a huge 20 Chevrolets, one of the main reasons it sits at the top of the list.

50 Cent rolls in 4th place with 38 featured cars, favouring Mercedes and Lamborghini. And last but not least, Mr Worldwide takes the final position with another 8 Chevrolet's and 8 Ferrari's.

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