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Revolution 500ml

Revolution - Wheel soap

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I have just had my wheels refurbished, how long do I have to wait before I can use Revolution?

We always recommend leaving freshly refurbished wheels for two weeks before cleaning, this will allow enough time to for any surface treatments to harden enough to prevent physically inflicting surface defects. Powdercoat, paint and lacquer layers also need to cure sufficiently, giving a hard outer surface, before being exposed to any cleaning chemicals. Although many wheel refurbishers use ovens to bake on surface treatments and this will help to harden the surfaces, it typically takes a couple of weeks for these to reach an initial cure, making them hard enough for deep cleaning, and around two months for these to ‘gas out’ and fully cure, where the surface achieves its hardest state. During this time, we always recommend using a pH neutral product like Revolution on painted, powdercoated and lacquered rims, and continuing with Revolution indefinitely with the most sensitive specialist finishes.  

What are the best brushes to use with my wheel cleaner?

This will always depend on the concentration of soiling, what protection has been previously applied and, perhaps most importantly, the design of the wheel. In some circumstances, on lighter soiling, Imperial or Reactive Wheel Cleaner can be simply sprayed on, left to dwell for a few minutes and rinsed away. If solely applying Revolution Wheel Soap to your wheels, or when it is necessary to agitate other cleaners into your wheels, remember that the often-forgotten inner barrels are just as susceptible to corrosive contamination as the faces of your wheels, if not more. For cleaning the inner wheels, we recommend our Barrel Brush or Mini Barrel Brush, depending on the wheel design. A Hog Hair or soft bristle Detailing Brush is also useful for tackling tighter areas around wheel lips and lug nuts. Finally, we like to use a dedicated wash-mitt to finish off the whole wheel before rinsing. For the best results on the heaviest soiling, we recommend brushing in Imperial or Reactive Wheel Cleaner using a bucket containing Revolution or Lather Car Shampoo. This will add to the cleaning power of the process and aid in lubricating any grease and grime. For cleaning tyres (which can be carried out after cleaning, but before final rinsing your wheels) we recommend using a stiff brush such as our Rubber Scrubber Tyre Brush, along with our ready-to-use Tread Tyre Cleaner, or a 1:5 dilution of Verso All Purpose Cleaner.  

Can this be used over my ceramic coating?

Yes, Revolution is a pH neutral product, which means that it’s free of the strong acidic or alkaline ingredients that are required to strip away silica and quartz-based coatings. In fact, Revolution is designed to actively prolong the life of your protection, with regular deep-cleansing keeping your alloys fresh for longer. Revolution is also safe for use on other previously protection layers such as waxes and sealants, and will never impair the base lacquer or any other wheel finish. Just like your paintwork we always recommend periodically adding protection your wheels, because, although many are built to be hardier than bodywork, they are even more susceptible to highly corrosive contamination. Applying our Caramics Wheel Protection Kit or Mint Rims Wheel Wax will stop salt, road films, general grime and hot brake dust from fully bonding to surfaces not only protecting surfaces but making them easier to clean during routine maintenance.Our spray-on Imperial Wheel Cleaner is also acid-free and safe on all sealants, waxes and ceramic coatings.   

Revolution Wheel Soap

An advanced deep-cleaning wheel shampoo designed to break down brake dust and road grime, while being gentle on painted, polished, anodised and other specialist finishes.

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Product Information

Categories: Shampoos
Product Type: Wheel soap
Product Code: RVL500

A deep-cleansing alloy wheel cleaner / shampoo for your most precious alloy wheels, Revolution Wheel Soap is a powerful cleaner suitable for any wheel type, and especially suited to those with the more sensitive finishes such as chrome, bare metal and anodised surfaces. As well as being able to safely tackle harsh contaminants like brake dust and road films on common painted, powdercoated and lacquered wheels, Revolution is the ideal product for deep-cleaning valuable split rims and other specialist wheels.

Formulated without resorting to the use of strong acidic or alkaline bases, this dilute-to-suit product which creates a thick, pH neutral solution capable of breaking down, lifting, lubricating and encapsulating the sharp particulates found in road films and brake dust, allowing them to be safely rinsed away without scratching, impairing surfaces or stripping previously-applied protection layers. In fact, Revolution actively prolongs the life of all wheel sealants, waxes and ceramic coatings.

Vehicle wheels are perfectly situated to make contact with some of the harshest soiling and the highest concentration of contaminants found on the road. To successfully rid surfaces of heavy particulates and grime, combatting the onset of early corrosion, routine cleaning with a deep-cleansing solution is the most effective course of action. Strong acid or alkaline based cleaning agents, while capable of removing heavy soiling, can cause serious degradation in lacquer and powdercoat layers when used on a regular basis, for specialist finishes that are even less durable, these shouldn’t be used at any time. These kind of intrusive chemical cleaners can lead to corrosion, etching, staining, damage to specialist finishes and possible metal impairment, eventually leading to structural failure.

Instead of harsh chemicals at either end of the pH scale, Revolution is a pH neutral aqueous cleaning agent which is made up of a specially selected blend of degreasers and deep cleansers in the form of advanced surface active agents (surfactants). By using a blend of high-foaming anionic surfactants (cleaning agents) to lift and encapsulate organic particulate soils, and non-ionic surfactants (degreasing agents) to emulsify oil-based contamination into the solution, Revolution is able to quickly remove contamination while remaining kind to all surfaces.

These specially-selected surfactants are classed as ‘polar’ molecules which attract water at one end and grime at the other. Using this mechanism, they are able to latch onto heavy dirt particles, along with fats, grease and oils, actively pulling them from surfaces, surrounding them and effectively suspending them in the solution. Once safely extracted and encapsulated, the contamination cannot to return to surfaces and can be easily rinsed away. Revolution contains significantly more of these surfactant molecules than regular car shampoo, making advanced deep-cleansing wash particularly suited to removing the kind of corrosive and heavy particulate contamination commonly found on wheels. Learn more about the science of surfactants in our article - All Car Cleaning Products Explained.

Revolution is supplied as an ultra-concentrated, dilute-to-suit solution designed to added to a Detailing Bucket of clean water, this means that the advisory 2-3 capfuls can be adapted to cater for your specific level of soiling. The resulting Revolution solution, is a thick, lingering shampoo which should be applied liberally and agitated using suitable scratch-free brushes - such as our Barrel Brush, Wonder Wools or Hog Hair Brushes. Agitation of this product isn’t solely to scrub away contaminants through mechanical cleaning, but to ensure that the solution is worked into all areas, and that any spent product (shampoo already encapsulating particulates and grease) is moved away allowing the area to be replenished with fresh solution to work on any remaining contamination.

While Revolution is gentle enough for use on every regular detail, making it particularly ideal for maintenance washes, this product is also suitable for use as an extra cleaner and lubricant to offer more power when brushing-in other cleaning and decontamination agents, including Imperial Wheel Cleaner, Iron Out Contaminant Remover and Reactive Wheel Cleaner. Once these products are liberally applied, simply brush Revolution into all surfaces as normal. For the full wheel cleaning process, and for advice on a multitude of wheel types and finishes, check out our full wheel cleaning guide – The Definitive Guide To Cleaning Alloy Wheels

Along with our our standard 500ml bottles Revolution Wheel Soap is also available in trade size 5-Litre containers. Our entire range of wheel cleaners and brushes can be found here in our Wheels Category.


  • Total Size: H 245.00mm x W 90.00mm x D 90.00mm
  • Weight: 600.00g

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