Paint Correction Made Easy


An exciting development for the Auto Finesse range of detailing products and car care is the addition of a collection of correctional compounds. In an attempt to break the mould and make paint correction accessible and easy to understand for the detailing enthusiast, the Revitalise system paint correction is a treatment no longer reserved for the professional detailer alone.

The Revitalise system has been developed to introduce beginners and enthusiasts to the world of machine polishing with a simplistic, uncomplicated system to correct swirls, restore vibrance and colour to automotive finishes at home. The kit comprises of three compounds and three accompanying pads for your polisher, all are conveniently colour coded and numbered to indicate their place in the process. Masking tape, pad prime, microfiber towels, pad conditioning brush and pull out instructions are also included in this paint correction set. Developed extensively in conjunction with own in house detailing technicians the compound polishes have been formulated for use by dual action/random orbital machine polishers. Restoring compound (No:1) is our heavy hitting cutting compound capable of taking care of the most neglected finishes. Polishing compound (No:2) is our all rounder, capable of restoring average swirling and paint dullness from a finish. Refining compound (No:3) has been developed to produce an ultra crisp clear finish, all the the above are available with accompanying foam polishing pads, made from closed cell foam types chosen to compliment its twinned compound.


Detailing and car paint correction in-particular used to be considered a process you enlist a professional detailer to undertake, however with the influx of car detailing forums with detailing how to guides, the accessibility of detailing products and equipment the tides of change have swayed and car paint correction has become a process many car detailing enthusiasts successfully carrying out themselves on their beloved vehicles.

But still many are curious or even scared of picking up a polisher and having a go at home and not without good reason, you do need to be aware that machine polishing paintwork can cause damage if not carried out carefully, however we have some top tips for you to help take the first steps towards creating a swirl free finish your self at home.

1: Do your research, forums, youtube and even our own how-to guides will have information on how to correctly use a machine polisher. Whilst some of the information may end up conflicting slightly with another and it can get a little confusing, the fundamental basics are the same with everyones technique: See our machine polishing guide videos. 

2: Dont run before you can walk, start off simple, a dual action polisher is probably the safest bet when starting out.

3: Practise makes perfect: Dont go at it gun-ho on your own car, go to your local vehicle breakers and get a panel to practise on, you should easily be able to pick up a scrap bonnet for £20-£30, go for a dark colour even if your car is a lighter colour, you can see the paint defects more easily and the results of your efforts on a dark colour paintwork better.

4: Don't push your self further than your capabilities, start off by getting used to handling the machine before you focus on removing every single last defect, often even top detailing professionals will have to leave some defects behind, settling on "rounding off" rather than full removal on some marks for various reasons (usually severity of defect and/or paint depth levels). 

Will you create the same finish as a top professional? Probably not, you have to realise professional detailers are carrying out car paint correction day in day out and have years of skill and most importantly knowledge under their belt, they are used to dealing with different car paint correction situations on varying paint types and most have the right working environment in terms of the workshops they operate from, but can you create a swirl free finish at home? yes you certainly can, just do your research, take your time, and practise first on something other than your pride and joy (and thats not to say someone else's pride and joy either) with some time effort and a little know how it is something you can now undertake yourself, safely and confidently in your own spare time.