Product Information

Product Type: Polishing Puck - Pack of 2
Product Code: CPK2


The ultimate hand polishing pad for use on heavily-weathered paintwork, our Professional Series No.36 Heavy Cutting Puck is capable of removing the harshest paint defects, such as heavy swirl marks and deep scratches, without the use of a machine polisher. The ultimate tool for speedy paint restoration, this is the best product for achieving professional results during heavy correction processes when hand polishing.

With a 100mm polishing surface, constructed from the same premium open cell foam as our Professional Series No.36 Heavy Cutting Pad, our Heavy Cutting Puck is designed to work abrasive compounds through quickly and effectively, while actively collecting and locking away spent compound residues to offer superior results. This advanced foam material offers the highest tensile strength and increased elasticity for extreme durability, ensuring that this product is tough enough for repeated professional use.

Specifically designed to make hand polishing simple, our Heavy Cutting Puck is ideal for both full panels and more targeted spot correction, offering the best possible results for mobile detailers without the access to mains power, or for awkward vehicle areas correction details where a compact machine polisher and suitable polishing pad may not be available. Along with gloss paint finishes, this product can also be used to remove heavy defects from gloss plastics including trim, headlights and rear light clusters.

Developed alongside our Professional Series Compounds and Professional Series Machine Polishing Pads, our full range of Professional Series Machine Polishing Pucks are the result of over 3-years of testing and development, both in-house and by over 25 professional detailers around the world. Our Professional Pucks offer a firm, ergonomic grip that’s based on our award-winning Handi Puck System which gives greater purchase on polishes and compounds, and increases consistent, even contact when in use. This allows the abrasives in your car polish or compound to be worked through more quickly and effectively than by traditional methods, giving superior professional results.

Heavy cutting using an abrasive foam pad and a coarse cutting compound is a process designed to level down the top layer of paint or clear coat around harsh defects. This is achieved by by cutting away a portion of the entire surface until the blemish disappears, leaving behind a smoother, more level surface that’s ready for further refinement down to flawless. Our Professional Series Heavy Cutting Puck has coarse abrasive characteristics allowing this process to be completed quickly, safely and effectively by hand.

This product can be paired with any cutting compound, including our Professional Series No.36 Heavy Cutting Compound, to offer the ultimate hand polishing combo for heavy restoration work. This product can also be used to increase the bite of medium-coarse compounds such as our Professional Series No.23 Medium Polishing Compound.

Colour coded purple for easy identification in your detailing kit, our Professional Series No.36 Heavy Cutting Pucks are supplied in packs of two and form a part of our wider Professional Series range of hand polishing pucks, polishing compounds and machine polishing pads. To find out more about these advanced products, see our article - The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range.

To complete every subsequent polishing stage of your restoration and correction detail, our No.23 Medium Polishing Pucks and No.15 Fine Finishing Pucks are also available.

Product Summary

  • Capable of removing the harshest paint defects
  • The ultimate tool for speedy paint restoration
  • Highest tensile strength and increased elasticity