Product Information

Product Type: Detailing Kit
Product Code: SAMPLE100

Our Sample set is the perfect gift or the ideal way of trying out our products before you buy. The kit includes 100ml samples of some of our most popular products, meaning you’ll get to try some of the favourites before committing to a full on shop.

The Sample Set includes the following: 

1 x 100ml Tripple all-in-one polish

The perfect all-in one cleaner and polish, Auto Finesse® triple is enriched with Brazilian No1 grade Carnauba wax and is super easy to apply deep-cleaning paintwork while adding a protective layer. Tripple helps to remove stubborn oxidation and contamination, thanks to its cleaning solvents. To use by hand, apply a small coin-sized drop to a microfibre or dual foam applicator pad. Work into paint using light pressure until the residue turns clear and buff off using a clean microfibre towel. Ensure to stick to small areas. For use with a dual action polisher, apply 2-3 coin sized drops to a light foam finishing or polishing pad and set the machine at its lowest setting to apply Tripple. Work in using a moderate setting (4000 OPMs) – once it starts to turn clear, go back down to the lowest setting for one more pass. Leave to haze for a few minutes and buff off using a clean microfibre towel. For use with a rotary polisher, apply 2-3 drops to the pad and spread on paint using the lowest setting. Increase speed to a max of 1000RPM and work in product. Once you see the residue starting to turn clear, back down to low speed for one more pass. Leave the residue to haze for a few minutes and buff off using a microfibre towel.

1 x 100ml Citrus Power pre-wash cleaner

The Auto Finesse® Citrus Power bug and grime remover is gentle but effective. There’s no need to scrub with Citrus Power, it gently removes contaminants without affecting any wax or sealant layers. As it’s gentle, it’s also safe to use on engine bays and enamelled badges, as well as paintwork, glass and plastic. It is also safe for use on paintwork, glass and plastic. It can also be used as a gentle cleaner to care for sealed or polished wheels. Just spray Citrus Power onto affected areas and allow to dwell for several minutes. Wash off using a pressure washer.

1 x 100ml Crystal glass cleaner

Auto Finesse® Crystal is a smear-free glass cleaner. Its concentrated alcohol-based formula features distilled solvents smooth out the glass of any imperfections. Despite its solvent-base, it’s gentle enough to use on all manner of glass, such as sensitive tints, acrylic and polycarbonate windows. Wash glass before using. Apply a fine mist to a manageable section of glass and remove immediately using a short pile microfibre towel. Once removed, turn the towel over for a final buff off.

1 x 100ml Glisten spray wax

Glisten is Auto Finesse’s® spray wax. Its spray-on nature means it’s perfect for use in any hard to reach areas. It’s also suitable for all paint finishes, including matte paint and wraps. Just spray on a light mist and then buff off the solution to a high shine with a microfibre towel.

1 x 100ml Lather car shampoo

Auto Finesse® Lather is our very dependable car shampoo and there’s a reason it’s a favourite amongst some of our most prestigious detailers. Its sealant-safe, pH-neutral solution smells of tangerine and features highly-concentrated lubricants. Coupled with a good car wash technique, it translates into swirl-free washing. Lather comes neat, but can be diluted down to suit your individual needs. The more dirty your car, the more shampoo should be used. Be sure to use snow foam first to rid the vehicle of any loose particles that could swirl-mark your paint.

2 x Microfibre work cloth

The work cloth is our most versatile of cloths made up of soft white microfibre which is ideal for all manners of cleaning tasks, from removing your favourite wax or sealant to deep-cleaning your dash. 300GSM

400mm x 400mm

1 x Microfibre applicator

Auto Finesse® applicator is made up of soft microfibre material that is the perfect companion to our Tripple, Rejuvenate and Ultra Glaze products. Suitable for use on paintwork, glass and leather.

120mm diameter and 20mm thick

1 x air freshener (picked at random)

We also throw in one of our popular air fresheners to keep the freshness going after you’ve completed your detail!

1 x Storage carry case

Our Sample Set comes in this lovely carry case complete with Auto Finesse® logo. It has all the individual compartments required for the smaller sized bottles.

Product Summary

  • Handy storage bag
  • 100ml Tripple all in one polish
  • 100ml Lather car shampoo
  • 100ml Citrus Power bug and grime remover
  • 100ml Crystal glass cleaner
  • 100ml Glisten spray wax
  • 2 work cloths
  • 1 Microfibre applicator
  • Auto Finesse Air freshener