Product Information

Product Type: Detailing Kit
Product Code: STK

The Auto Finesse® Soft Top Kit has been put together as the ultimate package for cleaning and protecting your convertible fabric roof all year round. The kit includes the following:

1 x 500ml Rag Top Cleaner – RRP. £9.95.

Rag Top Cleaner is our ultimate deep cleansing shampoo for convertible fabric roof covers. Its solution works to remove ground-in dirt, mould and moss, bringing a new lease of life to your roof. Ensure to rinse the surface of any loose debris before application. Spray Rag Top Cleaner liberally across the surface of the roof and agitate using the included Auto Finesse® Upholstery Brush and rinse off. Wash the rest of the vehicle as normal.

1 x 500ml Rag Top Protector – RRP. £14.95.

Auto Finesse® Rag Top Protector is a spray solution that seals all types of convertible fabric roof from daily elements and contaminants, as well as helping to prevent mould acting as a protective barrier. The solution also features UV protection to prevent colour fade. Having already used the Rag Top Cleaner, your roof should be super clean. Best used in dry weather, simply apply Rag Top Protector to the clean and dry surface by spraying an even mist over the fabric hood. All you have to do now is let it dry. Once dry, you can layer up the protection. Apply 2-3 light coats of protector and leave to cure for 2-3-hours.

1 x Upholstery Brush – RRP. £12.95

Our dedicated upholstery brushes are handmade in the UK and have been specially designed for the cleaning all fabric aspects of a vehicle. It features a soft wood handle, along with 76mm bristles that are set in resin. These long bristles are perfect for agitating fabric cleaners, meaning it’s an absolute must in a kit such as this.

Product Summary

  • Rag Top Cleaner 500ml
  • Rag Top Protector 500ml
  • Upholstery brush

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