Product Information

Product Type: Detailing Kit
Product Code: DCWK

The Auto Finesse®  alloy wheel cleaning Kit contains everything you need to deep cleanse your wheels. The kit has been created in conjunction with our wheel care guide, which gives you all the information you need to properly care for your wheels (often the most neglected part of a car).

The kit includes the following:

1 x 500ml Satin tyre creme 

Auto Finesse® Satin Tyre Crème features a gel-like consistency which allows you to layer up the product to your liking; one layer will give you a clean, natural satin-matte finish, while multiple layers will give you more of a depth of shine. The more layers you add; the more shine. Simply apply a few drops to our tyre applicator and rub onto the outer wall of the tyre. Layer up as desired.

1 x 500ml ObliTARate tar and glue remover 

ObliTARate is perfect for removing tar spots, as well as old glue residue left by old wheel weights. The solvent-based formula that quickly dissolves contamination on contact removes even the most stubborn tar and glue residues without damaging the underlying finish. This minimises the possibility of marring and scratching paintwork and extends the life of your detailing clay bar. Auto Finesse® ObliTARate is safe to use on all modern painted and powder-coated surfaces, as well as glass, solvent-resistant hard plastics, bare metal and bright work trim. However, ObliTARate is a very strong solvent product and may cause damage to fresh paint, SMART repairs, un-catalysed lacquers, and some delicate vintage finishes. If using the product on these surfaces, proceed with caution and test ObliTARate on an inconspicuous area to check for compatibility. If no hazing or swelling of the finish is present, and no paint gets transferred to your applicator or microfiber towel, you can use ObliTARate with confidence.

1 x 500ml Iron Out contaminant remover

Iron contaminates from brakes pads will be one of the biggest cause of dirty wheels. If left, these contaminates can become bonded to the surface and can be very difficult to remove with a standard wheel cleaner. Iron Out iron-contaminate and fallout remover safely and effectively removes the tiny pieces of ferrous shrapnel that can embed itself into practically any surface. The pH neutral reactive gel formula targets and dissolves these iron particles before significant damage to your vehicle can occur. Auto Finesse® Iron Out should be used as part of a multi-stage decontamination process, in between tar removal and claying. Just spray Iron Out directly onto the yellow foam pad (also included in this kit) and wipe the product on a small section of your vehicle’s paint or wheels. The solution will turn blood red when it reacts with Iron. Allow to dwell for a few minutes before jet washing off. It is suitable to use on all exterior surfaces, including paintwork, aluminium, magnesium, stainless steel, anodised finishes, chrome, glass, plastic, and even rubber.  

1 x 500ml Imperial wheel cleaner 

Our specially-formulated wheel cleaner Imperial is acid-free and features a mix of cleaning agents and degreasers which break down brake dust and road grime from wheels. Jet wheels off to rid them of any loose debris and spray Imperial liberally over wheels and tyre surfaces. Allow to dwell for several minutes, using one of our wheel brushes to agitate the surface. Finish by pressure washing off. Its highly-concentrated formula is safe to use on all modern coated wheel finishes, as well as all painted, clear-coated, and powder-coated alloy wheel finishes. It’s even gentle enough to use on tyres. Don’t apply Imperial if wheels are warm, or in direct sunlight or extreme cold temperatures.

1 x 100ml Mint Rims wheel wax 

Auto Finesse® Mint Rims Wheel Wax is a unique blend of high temperature synthetic waxes and solvent carriers to protect wheels, with durability of 2-3 months. Mint Rims seals your wheels from hot, corrosive brake dust and oxidation, while protecting against everyday weather. Mint Rims wheel wax can be used on any wheel finish, including painted, powder-coated, clear coated, anodised, chromed, and bare polished alloys. Apply Mint Rims before a change of season. Simply half turn a foam applicator in the tin and apply directly to wheels.

1 x Foam Applicator (Pack of 3) 

Our yellow foam applicator measures 100mm diameter and is 10mm thick. It’s the perfect tool for applying our waxes and sealants, as well as tyre dressings.

1 x Microfibre Work Cloth 

The Auto Finesse® work cloths are made up of soft white microfibre ideal for all manners of cleaning tasks, from removing any waxes or sealants to deep-cleaning dashboards. 300GSM

400mm x 400mm

1 x Tyre and Trim Applicator (Pack of 3) 

The Tyre and Trim applicator is the clean and easy way to apply any one of our tyre dressings. The green section of the sponge is slightly firmer making it easier to hold and spread gel dressings, while the grey area is softer for going over a manufacturer’s tyre marks. Pointed ends can be used for hard-to-reach areas to ensure full coverage.

95mm x 35mm

Product Summary

  • Iron Out contaminant remover 500ml
  • Imperial wheel cleaner 500ml
  • Oblitarate tar and glue remover 500ml
  • Satin tyre creme 500ml
  • Mint Rims wheel wax 100ml
  • Tyre and trim applicator (due to stock levels, these will be replaced with foam applicators)
  • Yellow foam applicator
  • Work Cloth