Product Information

Product Type: Detaling Kit
Product Code: VCK1

Introducing the Auto Finesse VersaCare Kit, your all-in-one solution for easily achieving showroom-worthy results. From tackling stubborn dirt and grime to rejuvenating tired paintwork, the VersaCare Kit is your go-to companion for all-around detailing.

This kit covers the following stages:

  1. Wheel Washing
  2. Pre Wash
  3. Contact Washing
  4. Protection
  5. Interior 
  6. Final touches
  7. Storage for your load


Wheel Washing:

1 x 500ml Wheel Cleaner

Auto Finesse Imperial Wheel Cleaner is a powerful solution designed to tackle the toughest grime and brake dust on your wheels. Its advanced formula penetrates and lifts dirt effortlessly, leaving your wheels with a sparkling finish.

Pre Washing:

1 x Citrus Power Bug & Grime Remover 1L 

Citrus Power Bug and grime remover is a wax safe pre wash solution designed to tackle even the harshest dirt and road grime whilst being safe on your finish. 

Contact Washing:

 1 x Lather Car Shampoo 500ml

Lather Car shampoo is a highly concentrated shampoo designed to glide over your paintwork breaking down contaminants and removing any left over grime after your pre-wash. Safe to use on all exterior surfaces.

1 x Wash Mitt

1 x Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel XL


1 x Graphene Liquid Filler Wax 500ml

Durable, ultra-hydrophobic protection lasting up to 12 months. This next generation super sealant makes light work of your protection process and will have your paintwork gleaming all year round. 

1 x Ceramic Glass Protection Kit

The ultimate long lasting glass coating, only for exterior glass and windscreens, this super simple protection kit is an ultra hydrophobic, easy clean coating. Watch that rain fly.

1 x Ceramic Spray wax 500ml

Ceramic Spray wax is designed to be your go to top up after your weekly wash. A effortless spray and wipe wax that not only leaves your paintwork looking like glass but also tops up your protection at the same time.


1 x Verso All Purpose Cleaner 1L

Verso all purpose cleaner is a must have in any detailing collection, this versatile cleaner can be used on the inside and outside of your vehicle simply dilute to suit your needs and Verso will take care of the hard work for you. 

1 x Total Interior Cleaner 500ml

Total interior cleaner will remove all stubborn dirt and stains from your interior whether its on your fabric seats, carpets or plastic. Rest assured with the right brush or applicator this product will eliminate the grime and leave your interior smelling like a juicy apple.

1 x Handi Puck kit

The ergonomic applicator designed to be suited to all your needs, whether your scrubbing down your interior, polishing your paintwork or applying tyre gel.

1 x Superior Glass Waffle

Not just any waffle cloth this super soft waffle weave is able to take on any glass surface. Due to its revolutionary design its able to take on the the toughest grime and lift debris quickly and easily.

Final Touches:

1 x Satin Tyre Creme 500ml

Satin Tyre Gel provides the ultimate as new finish to any tyre after cleaning, dont stress if you prefer your tyres glossy this progressive tyre creme can do just that too. Layer up for a glossier finish.

1 x Dressle All Purpose Dressing 500ml

Dressle is a water based formula leaving a non-sticky and non-greasy finish after use making it the supreme product for all uses whether its your cockpit or exterior trim.

1 x Mercury Metal Polish 250ml

Get your metal back to factory fresh shine with this advanced abrasive compound developed for restoring metal on all vehicles. 

1 x Ultra Plush Cloth

The Auto Finesse Ultra Plush Cloth offers unparalleled softness for a luxurious and gentle detailing experience.

1 x Work Cloth Trio

In any detail you can never have too many cloths, these work cloths are a necessity and no detail is going will be do able with out them. 


1 x Deluxe Holdall 

One of the worlds finest professional detailers kit bags the deluxe holdall is the perfect combination of style and functionality. 

What you waiting for?

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a first-time detailer, the Auto Finesse VersaCare Kit allows you to achieve professional-grade results with minimal effort. 

Designed to cater to the diverse needs of car enthusiasts and detailing professionals alike, this comprehensive kit encompasses everything you need to clean, protect, and enhance your vehicle's appearance.

The kit is an all-encompassing solution, bundling together every essential element required to execute a detail with precision. From Pre-wash, wheels, interior, protection, and shine, this has all the necessary tools and products conveniently bundled together, achieving automotive perfection has never been more accessible.

Product Summary

  • Imperial Wheel cleaner 500ml
  • Citrus Power 1L
  • Lather 500ml
  • Wash Mitt
  • Aqua Deluxe XL
  • Graphene 500ml
  • Ceramic Glass protection Kit
  • Ceramic Spray Wax 500ml
  • Verso 1L
  • Total 500ml
  • Handi Puck Kit
  • Superior Waffle Cloth
  • Satin 500ml
  • Dressle 500ml
  • Mercury 250ml
  • Ultra Plush cloth
  • Work Cloth trio
  • Deluxe Holdall