Product Information

Product Type: Machine Polishing Kit
Product Code: SSK250-EU

The Swirl Slayer kit contains everything you need to give any vehicle an immaculate, swirl-free finish. 

Specially selected for those taking their first steps in world of machine polishing - along with those industry professionals looking to extend their equipment and cut down on paintwork polishing time – this cost-effective correction and enhancement solution is capable of the safe removal of common paint defects such as swirl marks, scratches, etching, water spots, holograms, oxidation and minor abrasions, quickly refining paintwork and gloss plastics to a near-flawless finish in one easy step. 

With the combination of our Dual Action Polisher, our advanced One Step All-in-One Compound and both 3-inch and 5-inch medium-grade open cell foam machine polishing pads, this complete machine polishing system is suitable for any gloss paint type and has been specifically developed to transform multi-stage paintwork corrections, restorations and harsh defect removal into a simple, single-stage process. 

With The Swirl Slayer Kit there’s no need for multiple grades of machine polishing pads and a selection of coarse, medium and fine compounds… or for smaller machines to take care of the tighter vehicle areas such as pillars, spoilers and mirrors. This bundle really does do it all!    

All paint correction processes use abrasives to level down the top layer of clear coat (or topcoat) over and around any flaws, until they reach the bottom of the deepest defect. Rather than removing the defect directly, this takes away a microscopic layer of the area around it, until the defect simply disappears. This action has the effect of levelling out and smoothing the very top layer through mechanical abrasion, a process known as cutting. Once defects are removed, traditionally a single or multiple stage polishing process is essential to refine the surface down to as flawless finish. You can learn more about polishes and compounds, and see how they work, in our article – All Polishes Explained. 

The Swirl Slayer Kit bucks tradition and makes life easier by simplifying all cutting and refining processes into a single stage. It does this by utilising our super-advanced One Step All-in-One Compound.  

One Step has been developed using next-generation diminishing abrasives which are designed to break down as you work the product through with your machine polisher. In this way it starts off as a coarse cutting compound, and breaks down to a fine finishing compound, with no need to change your polishing pad (or use multiple compounds) along the way. One Step leaves nothing behind but a true finish and contains no waxes or fillers, this means it can be utilised for paint correction before the application of any physically bonding protection layer - such our Signature Hard Waxes along with Si02-based ceramic coatings - like our Caramics Paintwork Protection Kit - which require an unobstructed top surface for molecular chemical bonding.   

Our MPX Dual Action Machine Polisher is the centrepiece of this professional-grade bundle. This ultra-compact orbital machine has been developed in-house for extreme versatility and extensively tested to give professional results in the hands of the enthusiast. Complete with both 3-inch and 5-inch, hook-and-loop backing plates - specifically sized to fit a full range of polishing pads appropriate for all vehicle areas - the MPX has a 9mm orbit and can safely tackle almost any area of paintwork, carbon fibre, lacquer or gloss plastic. 

Capable of performing corrections and enhancements, without leaving a visible trail, the MPX has been conceived as the ultimate correction tool, but with increased safety in mind. This DA - or Dual Action - machine employs a free-floating spindle to promote pad rotation in two directions - both concentric circles from the head and a wider circulating motion from the spindle. This type of oscillation cuts down on premature heat build-up under the pad, a safety measure which prevents scorching. The MPX will also stall when too much pressure is applied, when the machine is on the edge of the pad, or if the machine is held at an uneven angle, making it almost impossible to accidentally burn through clear coat or paint layers. 

With adjustable speeds from 2000-6400RPM and a powerful 650W motor, the MPX is not only ideal for smaller areas of paintwork, headlights and trim, but has the power to bring larger panels, and multiple vehicles, to a flawless, swirl-free finish.  

Learn more about how to can utilise The Swirl Slayer Kit to it’s fullest by checking our article – The Basic Guide To Machine Polishing. 

Product Summary

Kit Includes:
  • MPX Dual Action Polisher
  • One Step all in one compound 250ml
  • Revitalise Pad No:2 Polishing Pad (Medium - Yellow)
  • Revitalise Polishing Spot Pad (Medium - Yellow)
  • Pad Prime 250ml