Product Information

Product Type: Detailing Kit
Product Code: SSK1

Speed shine polishing and detailing  kit.

1 x Tripple all-in-one car polish 250ml – RRP. £8.95.

Auto Finesse® Tripple all-in-one polish is an essential product in any detailer’s (pro or beginner) bag. The specially developed formula features gentle solvents and abrasives to help remove stubborn oxidisation, while refining the paint’s surface. Also enriched with T1 grade Brazilian Carnauba wax, Glisten leaves a high-shine finish in its wake. If using by hand, apply a small amount to a microfibre applicator and work into paint with light pressure, leave to dwell for several minutes and buff off residue using a microfibre towel. Tripple is also suitable for use with both Dual Action polishers and Rotary machine polishers. For DA, apply a few drops of Tripple to a light foam finishing pad or polishing pad. Start on the lowest setting and increase to 4000OMPs until the residue turns clear, then back down to lowest setting for one more pass and buff off using a microfibre towel. For use with a Rotary polisher, use the same amount across the same manageable area initially on its lowest setting. Increase speed to 1000RPM using slow, overlapping passes. When the solution turns clear, back down to the lowest setting for one more pass and buff off.

1 x Glisten spray wax 500ml – RRP. £12.95

Our Glisten spray wax has been specifically developed to be an easy way of getting a show stopping finish. Assuming you’ve already taken your vehicle through the cleaning process and it’s now fully dry, simply spray a light mist to a manageable panel and buff off after a couple of minutes of dwelling time. Using our included microfibre towels will ensure a high-shine, residue and streak-free finish. Ideal for hard to reach areas, Glisten’s gentle formula is perfect for use on all paint finishes.

1 x Microfibre applicator – RRP. £1.25.

Perfect for use with our Tripple all-in-one polish, our microfibre applicators are 120mm in diameter and 20mm thick. It has a soft microfibre surface, meaning it won’t incur marring to paintwork and has a large surface area for ease of use. Suitable for use on paintwork, glass and leather.

2 x Microfibre work cloth – RRP. £1.95 each.

The Auto Finesse® microfibre work cloths are the most versatile cloth we do. It can be used in all manner of applications, from removing wax residues and excess sealant, as well as any overspray of product. It’s sized at 400mm x 400mm so can be folded over to reveal a fresh side when working on your vehicle. It has a 300GSM pile so is super soft, meaning it won’t mark delicate surfaces.

Product Summary

  • Glisten spray wax 500ml
  • Tripple all in one polish 250ml
  • 2 Work cloths
  • 1 Microfibre applicator