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Learn the art of detailing as we tackle your own vehicle - together. This course gives you the chance to dive in and take your own cars finish to the next level with the help and guidance of our detailing experts.


Starting off with the direct aspects of the vehicle we will start by explaining the best way to clean your engine. Many find it easy to read 'how to guides' on engine cleaning, but sometimes it does not translate into your style or age of the engine, therefore we will break the ice and teach you the best way to clean your engine bay. We will work with the best-suited cleaners, degreasers, tools and dressings to bring your bay back to life!

With the engine now complete it's onto understanding wheel and arch care. Over the past decades, car manufacturers have been producing different styles of wheels with different finishes. The different finishes can often require different procedures, tools or cleaners, therefore we will select the right cleaners and tools for your wheel and tailor a technique that will be the best for you moving forward in caring for your vehicle.


The wash process can often be the point in most peoples maintenance routines whereby those dreaded swirl marks can be induced, it's therefore vitally important we find the best wash process for your vehicle. This will start with choosing the best pre-wash for you, be that Citrus Power or Avalanche.

 Next, it's onto Contact washing. Here we will take the two bucket wash method, and select a wash medium that's best suited to your style of paintwork. This could be a synthetic microfibre style or a natural lambswool wash mitt. The use of one of our deep pile wash mitts will make sure the leftover grime will be effectively drawn into the mitt. This combined with our pure shampoo Lather, and the correct use of the wash medium we will create an effective wash technique that will be safe for your style of vehicle for future wash routines, ensuring you avoid wash marring and swirl marks.


To achieve that smooth as glass finish we will need to decontaminate the vehicle once it's clean and washed, both chemically and mechanically. The chemical decontamination stage will be tackled with both Iron Out and Oblitarate. We will start with Iron Out to safely and effectively remove the tiny pieces of ferrous shrapnel that can embed itself into your paint's surface when parked outside over time.

Oblitarate will dissolve and remove tar deposits that get kicked up by tyres whilst driving. Both of these stages are vitally important as this will help make the later clay bar process safer.

The final stage to the decontamination process will be claying your paintwork safely to remove any above surface contamination that's left with the use of a Clay Bar and Glide and showing you how to safely use a clay bar around your vehicle.

Before we move onto machine and hand polishing your car we will look at how to safely dry our wet surfaces, including paint, wheels, tyres and shuts. Understanding different techniques which will include our ultra-absorbent microfibre drying towel, Aqua Deluxe and also the use of air tools. The combination of both will ensure we expel any leftover water that may be hiding. 


Now with a clean and fully decontaminated dry car, it's time to dive into machine polishing. 

Before you learn how to use a machine polisher we will identify which areas are delicate, these will need covering up and protecting with masking tape. Next we will be using our DPX Dual Action machine along with our Revitalise system. Looking at all three stages, from heavy compounding to remove deeper swirls and scratches. Next, it's onto Revitalise No.2 our medium cutting compound which will further remove swirls and marring left from our heavy cutting stage. Finally, onto our finishing polish, Revitalise No.3. This will leave your paint with a deep gloss and clarity that's ready for further protection. 

However, as this course is only one day long we will not be machine polishing your entire vehicle. We will be looking to introduce you into the world of machine polishing or if you already machine polish we will refine your technique further, giving you the confidence to walk away and be able to continue machine polishing your vehicle.


Working out which type of polish, glaze or cleanser is suited to you and your cars paintwork can often be difficult to grasp. Therefore in this segment, we will cover the difference between our Tripple all in one polish, Ultra Glaze paint Glaze and Rejuvenate paint cleanser. We will look at the correct way to apply each of these using both the Handi Puck system and also microfibre application, also when's the best time to use each individual one. This will also lead to helpful tips and tricks and about using these in places you wouldn't expect to use polishes on your vehicle.

We will also cover how to layer the products as many do not fully understand the ins and outs of layering paint polishes to achieve a truly wet look and deep shine prior to using waxes and sealants.


The final stage on your paintwork we will play around with the different forms of last stage protection, covering all bases; waxes, sealants and Caramics.

We have a wide range of waxes to suit all paint types and durabilities so we will be sure to home in on a wax to best suit you. As you would expect these waxes come with specific instructions so we will make sure you have a full and comprehensive understanding of how to use our range. With the help of a Waxmate we will look into the correct amount of wax to use and also the best method to apply and also buff off to ensure you get the full potential when waxing  

We will also explore the use and benefits of using a paint sealant. This includes Looking at which paint colours are best suited to the cooler more clinical appearance of a synthetic paint sealant. Also then further comparing these synthetic sealants to our Caramics, making sure you have a full understanding of how to effectively apply both.


With the exterior of your car nearly complete and just waiting on finishing touches we will turn the focus onto the interior of your vehicle, looking into what different surface materials and finishes you have. This will give you a further grasp on which cleaners and protectors will be best suited to your cockpit. This will also cover the maintenance of your interior and dash with products such as our Spritz interior detail spray.

Of course, detailing is not just about the cleanliness of your paintwork, so we will also be covering those finishing touches that will take your routine to the next level. This will include the correct application of tyre cremes such as Satin, plastic dressing with Revive and Dressle and exhaust tip cleansing with Mercury if it applies to your vehicle. 

As the last touch, we will teach you to master the art of smear free window cleaning with our world famous Crystal glass cleaner.

*Please note you must be 18 or over*

Academy courses cancellation policy:
Need to rearrange or cancel a course? It's not a problem. Things come up, stuff happens. Canceling or moving the date is free, provided we are notified 14days before the first day of your booking. After which, a cancellation fee of 30% of the overall cost of the course will be deducted from any refund. 

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