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Product Type: Box of cloths
Product Code: WCB50

Packed with a full half-century of our Disposable Work Cloths this bumper dispenser box of 50 microfibre towels is the ultimate cost-effective cleaning accessory for all detailing enthusiasts and trade professionals.

Detailing cloths are crucial for success over a multitude of cleaning and valeting tasks, the dirtiest of which can make your microfibre accessories unsafe for use over the course of future details.  

Designed specifically for taking on the heaviest cleaning processes, each disposable cloth is constructed from high-quality 300GSM microfibre, designed to pick up the harshest debris and scratchable particles locking them deep in the material and away from potentially sensitive surfaces. Ideal for use with all cleaning agents and degreasers our disposable microfibre towels offer the safest cleaning on the toughest jobs inside your car, your engine bay, exhaust tips and any other area which suffers from exposure to the most harmful contamination.   

Ideal for use with Verso All-Purpose Cleaner on all extremely dirty interior surfaces, along with targeted use on awkward exterior areas such as window rubbers, weather strips and door shuts, our short-pile cleaning cloths are the cost-effective solution for every detailing process which may require disposal of the cloth afterwards. Those tasks which make you think twice about using your precious, premium microfibre accessories.

From heavy paintwork decontamination tasks such as lightly agitating Iron Out Contaminant Remover and wiping away sticky tar and glue residues after treatment with ObliTARate Tar & Glue Remover, our disposable microfibre towels offer the safest alternative for processes where detailers would traditionally use an older, ‘end-of-life’ cloth that may not be as safe and scratch-free as a fresh, new item. 

Our Disposable Work Cloths are also ideal for cleaning and finishing engine bays and polishing metal surfaces such as brightwork, wheel lips and stainless-steel tailpipes. But they’re also soft enough for safely buffing away ceramic coating residues when using our range of Caramics Protection Kits. And, although they’re chiefly designed to be disposable, these high-quality towels are also machine washable making them ideal for re-use after lighter tasks such as dry dusting and mild cleaning or finishing processes on interiors, glass, wheels and paintwork.

Supplied in a special dispenser box containing 25 white and 25 teal cleaning cloths for easy identification over a multitude of detailing processes. Our bumper collection of disposable microfibre towels is a must for every comprehensive detailing kit to make sure you have a fresh cloth available for every cleaning task… even the muckiest.

Product Summary

  • 50 edgeless disposable cloths
  • Made from super soft microfibre
  • Cloth size: 29cm x 29cm
  • Suitable for all detailing jobs

Disposable Cloth Box

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