Product Information

Product Type: Screen Wash
Product Code: VSW25L

Vista Hydrophobic Screen Wash is a next-generation, methanol-free formula that’s been specifically developed to offer the ultimate in windscreen cleaning no matter the conditions or the temperature.

Designed to safely lift and lubricate the harshest grit, grime, bird droppings, bug splatter and heavy particulates, this super-concentrated rain-repelling screen wash vastly improves safety and vision by leaving a streak and smear-free finish. The advanced ingredients and anti-freezing agents also actively promote water sheeting, prolong the life of ceramic glass coatings and even condition your wiper blades along the way.

Our ultra-concentrated solution is extremely potent to offer the ultimate in cleaning power which is vital for safe, scratch-free glass cleaning. But Vista Hydrophobic Screen Wash is also versatile enough to be diluted for use all-year round. This ultra-hydrophobic solution can be mixed at 1:10 with water for normal summer conditions and 1:5 to see your car through the worst freezing winter weather.

Specifically formulated to repel water and traffic films, Vista Hydrophobic Screen Wash contains no artificial shining agents, abrasives or silicone derivatives. This product quickly cuts through ice, sleet, road salt and environmental contaminants leaving behind nothing but a long-lasting rain-repellent layer that helps to boost any previously applied glass coating and even helps to stop your wipers from squeaking.

Vista Hydrophobic Screen Wash is suppled in 2.5-litre bottles. One bottle of Vista concentrate makes up to 25-litres of powerful windscreen cleaning solution. Simply add 500ml-1L (depending on the conditions) to a standard 5-litre washer bottle and top up with water.

How-To Use Vista

Step 1

Shake well before use.

Step 2

Ensure the screen wash container in your vehicle is empty.

Step 3

Measure the amount of screen wash required and pour into the container. Which is usually found in the engine by of your car.

Dilution should be 1:10. For example if the container holds 3L, you will require 300ml of screen wash

Step 4

Fill the rest of the container with water until it reaches the maximum level.

Product Summary

  • Leaves streak and smear-free finish
  • Formulated to repel water and traffic films
  • Versatile enough to be diluted for use all-year round
  • Dilute to suit, up to 25L worth of screen wash from a 2.5L barrel


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