Product Information

Product Type: Wheel Arch Brush
Product Code: ABB

The new Auto Finesse Arch Blaster is the ultimate detailing brush for shifting heavy soiling in the most awkward of wheel arches.

Constructed with an extra-large head, containing hundreds of super-durable, polymer fibre bristles, this premium arch brush makes short work of the heaviest contaminants including mud, road salt, grime and debris.  

Working itself deep into every recess and expertly sanitising arch liners, inner arches and even chassis components, the Arch Blaster has been developed to make cleaning the worst dirt traps on any vehicle quicker and easier than ever. This makes it a bona fide must-have for detailing the dirtiest areas that other tools just can’t reach! 

Featuring a professional quality, impact-resistant handle with an ergonomic soft-feel grip, this indispensable tool is presented in an attractive black and teal colour-way for easy identification in your kit bag and wheel bucket.   

Best paired with our all purpose cleaner Verso, which can be diluted to suit the task at hand.  

Product Summary

  • Impact resistant rubber handle for the perfect grip
  • Contains hundreds of super-durable, polymer fibre bristles
  • Best used on wheel arches at the wash stage to remove mud, road salt and grime
  • Best paired with our all purpose cleaner Verso