A Touch Of Finesse

Detailing services tailored to you and your vehicle, everything from basic protection through to our signature Finesse detail.

With over 25 years of combined experience in the detailing industry, our detailers are that added Finesse you are looking for, for your pride & joy. 

A touch of Finesse

The Refresh Detail

The perfect solution to keeping your car looking fresh following one of our more intensive treatments. This service is for existing clients only.

A touch of Finesse

The Deep Clean Detail

The perfect way to experience the Auto Finesse service, from exterior to interior this detail provides the foundation for simple future upkeep.

A touch of Finesse

The Protection Detail

The protection car detail is a one-day treatment is ideal for new vehicles, protect every surface from paint to leather and wheels to trim.

A touch of Finesse

The Enhancement Detail

Our enhancement detail is our most popular service and for good reason, this option offers the best "bang for buck" including all the deep cleaning and decontamination stages of our larger packages as well as single-stage machine polishing sealing and interior cleaning.

A touch of Finesse

The Correction Detail

The correction detail is for vehicles suffering from heavier swirling and defects, and those wanting to get as near perfection as possible, Including multi-stage machine polish and protective coating application, as well as interior deep cleaning. 

Our Signature Service

The Finesse Detail

The Finesse detail is for those who want to chase perfection. Not recommended for daily drivers and is the reserve of show cars and specialist vehicles. This no-holds-barred service takes us as far as we can reasonably go when detailing a vehicle.