Product Information

Product Type: Detailers T-Shirt
Product Code: STPSDE-S

We’re not just famous for our top detailing products, but our car collection, too. And one of the most notorious - not to mention most detailed – AF project builds to ever hit the global show scene has to be our 1954 Chevy Stepside Pickup. 

Originally created in 2019 as the ultimate money-no-object-build to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Auto Finesse bringing the art of detailing to the UK (and of course the rest of the world). This unique marvel of automotive engineering is a heady mix of retro style and a whole host of bespoke modern parts including a custom chassis, air ride, three-piece forged wheels and custom pinstriping… Oh yeah, it’s also got a 6.2-litre crate engine complete with an Edelbrock supercharger and all the trimmings!

And that was only the start. Over the last two years our Chevy has undergone a full nut and bolt rebuild with even more plush details and a whole new paintjob. And now it’s back to not only inspire at car shows and events around Europe, but to inspire us to create this brand new, strictly limited-edition graphic tee.

That’s right, you don’t have to spend upwards of a quarter of a million dollars to get in on the old skool American action. This high-quality, 100% cotton T-Shirt not only features a hardwearing graphic print on the front and back that - much like the pickup itself - was fully designed right here in-house. But it also comes in exactly the same blue hue as the immaculate custom paintwork on the latest incarnation of our famous truck.   

As well as the custom design, and like all our own-brand apparel, this premium T-shirt is put together using heavy gauge cotton to guarantee that you stay pristine no matter the task at hand. Doubling as heavy-duty, practical workwear, our premium tees are always as at home in the detailing bay as they are at your favourite meet or car show.  

The ultimate gift for American car fans, detailing enthusiasts, fashion connoisseurs or a special treat of your very own, our Stepside Tee will ensure that you always dress with nothing but Finesse.