Product Information

Product Type: Detailing Kit
Product Code: SK-AD-1

The Auto Finesse starter kit includes everything you need to get started in the detailing world. Covering the most important stages in your detailing process:

  1. Wheel washing
  2. Wash stage
  3. Decontamination
  4. Polishing
  5. Finishing with the final touches

You’ll have everything at your fingertips for that all-important show finish.

The kit includes the following:

Wheel Cleaning:

1 x Imperial wheel cleaner 500ml

Our acid-free wheel cleaner contains a mix of cleaning agents and degreasers, which work to break down brake dust and road dirt from the wheels on contact. Its highly-concentrated formula is safe to use on all modern coated wheel finishes and is gentle enough that it can even be used for cleaning tyres. Start by jet-washing off any loose dirt and spray Imperial Wheel Cleaner onto the wheels and tyres allowing to dwell for a few minutes. Use a wheel brush to agitate any surfaces and between spokes, then pressure wash off the remaining brake dust and cleaner residue. Imperial is safe to use on all painted, clear coated, and powder coated alloy wheel finishes. Chrome, bare polished aluminium, or anodized finishes should be treated with extreme caution. These types of wheel finishes are most common on aftermarket wheels and should be cleaned with a mild exterior all-purpose-cleaner like Auto-Finesse Citrus Power. Don’t apply Imperial if wheels are warm, or in direct sunlight or extremely cold temperatures.


1 x 500ml Lather car shampoo

Lather is our super dependable car shampoo. It’s easy to see why the product is a favourite amongst detailers. It features a highly-concentrated pH-neutral solution which is safe to use previously applied wax layers and sealant protection. Together with a good wash technique, Lather can take a basic wash to swirl-free cleansing. It comes neat so you’ll need to dilute to suit your needs. Ensure to use a snow foam before any contact wash to rid the vehicle of any loose debris that may be sitting on your paint.

1 x Plush Wash Mitt or 1 x Plush Wash Pad dependant on stock levels.

The Auto Finesse Ultra Soft Mitt is a genuine lambs-wool wash mitt helping to aid a swirl-free wash process. The natural pelt pile will help lift any contaminants that are on the paintwork away and allows for a swirl-free wash. Our Ultra Soft Mitt also comes with a separate thumb section, which allows for greater control when washing lower halves and underwing mirrors, ensuring all areas are cleaned properly.

*DO NOT put in washing machine, rinse thoroughly and leave to dry naturally*

1 x Clear Detailing Bucket 

Featuring an oversized 20-litre capacity for increased dilution of contaminants, and to further reduce the chance of dirt recirculation back into your wash media, the extra-large Detailer Bucket is emblazoned with our classic logo and finished in a transparent colour-way for increased visibility or our original black design (both buckets supplied with dirt guard).

1 x Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel 

Our Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel has a deep pile of 1200GSM to quickly absorb surface water, reducing water spots and keeping paintwork swirl free.

500mm x 700mm 


1 x 500ml Glide clay lube 

Auto Finesse Glide clay bar lubricant has a special blend of slip agents that help to trap debris released during the clay barring process. It also aids in the movability of the bar itself, reducing the risk of marring. You don’t need a lot so do use sparingly – apply directly to paint or to the clay bar itself before moving the bar around.

1 x 200g Clay Bar

Made from an ultra-fine grade of natural Kaolin clay, the Auto Finesse clay bar comes as a 200g block and will effectively remove both organic contaminants, such as tree sap and bird droppings, as well as inorganic contaminants such as light tar or iron deposits. Before claying, make sure the vehicle is clean. If you have a lot of tar spots, it’d be wise to use dedicated tar and iron fallout removers such as Auto Finesse ObliTARate or Auto Finesse Iron Out. Used together with Glide, rub the clay in circular motions across all surfaces of the car to remove any embedded road grime.


1 x 500ml Tripple all-in-one cleaner 

Tripple is the all-in-one cleaner from Auto Finesse. A favourite among many, it helps to remove stubborn oxidation and contamination using deep cleansing solvents, while helping to refine paint’s surface to a high-gloss finish with fast-acting fine abrasives. Tripple is enriched with Brazilian Carnauba wax, helping it to lock in shine while it protects surfaces. Auto Finesse Tripple is also a great base forany of our Carnauba hard waxes. If applying by hand, use a small coin sized amount on an applicator and work into the paint with light pressure until the residue turns clear. Focus on a small area of 18 x 18-inch at a time. Leave the product to haze for several minutes before buffing off the residue using a microfibre towel. For Dual Action polisher application, use a light foam finishing or polishing pad together with 2-3 drops of Tripple. Working on the same surface area as by hand, start on the lowest setting, increasing to a moderate speed setting of 4000 OPMs until you see the residue starting to turn clear. At this stage, back the speed down to its lowest or second lowest setting and reduce pressure for one more pass. Leave the residue to haze for a few minutes and buff off using a microfibre towel. For application using a Rotary Polisher, use 2-3 small drops on the pad and spread onto the same 18 x 18-inch section using the lowest speed setting. Increase speed to 1000RPM using slow, overlapping passes. Once the residue starts to turn clear, back down to the lowest setting for one more pass. Leave the residue to haze for a few minutes and buff off using a microfibre towel.

Finishing Touches

1 x 500ml Satin tyre crème 

Auto Finesse Satin Tyre Crème has a gel-like consistency which allows you to layer the product up; one layer will give you a clean, natural satin-matte finish, while multiple layers will give you more of a depth of shine depending on how many layers you apply. Satin’s water-based formula is also packed with UV-Inhibitors, which help to condition the sidewalls of your tyres, and prevent them from cracking over time. Simply apply a few drops to our tyre applicator and rub onto the outer wall of the tyre. Layer up as desired.

1 x Glass Waffle cloth

The  Glass Waffle glass cloth is the ultimate drying towel for glass surfaces. Its unique construction means that it doesn’t scratch glass upon contact and ensures a streak-free finish at all times.

400mm x 600mm

1 x 250ml Crystal glass cleaner 

Crystal is the absolute must glass cleaner from Auto Finesse. It is alcohol-based and is highly concentrated with balanced distilled solvents to smooth over any possible imperfections that may be present in car windows. It’s gentle enough to use on all manner of glass, as well as sensitive tints and acrylic and polycarbonate windows often used in racing. Make sure the glass is clean upon application, then apply a fine mist of product to a manageable section of glass and remove immediately using a short-pile microfibre towel. Once removed, fold the towel over to reveal a fresh side to buff off revealing a Crystal-clear finish. Can be used in conjunction with glass sealants.

1 x 250ml Revive trim dressing 

Revive Trim Dressing is Auto Finesse’s silicone-based trim dressing. Used to bring life back into exterior plastics, it darkens and restores to leave a satin finish that is dry to the touch. Once applied, Revive will help protect plastics and rubber trims from future fading with durability that exceeds conventional water-based dressings. Start by ensuring surfaces are clean. Once clean and dry, shake the bottle to wake ingredients and apply a few drops to a foam applicator. Using moderate pressure, work Revive into trim with light pressure. Remember, a little goes a long way! Allow to dry and gently buff off with a clean microfibre towel.

1 x Duo Edgeless microfibre cloth or 1 x Micro Tweed dependant on stock levels.

The Auto Finesse Edgeless Duo Microfibre Towel is the perfect detailing towel featuring a dual-sided and edgeless design for swirl-free detailing. One side features a dense short pile, perfect for removing polishes and waxes one side, and the other side features a thick plush pile for soaking up quick detail sprays and final buffing. 400GSM.

600mm x 400mm 

1 x Finale 500ml 

The Finale quick detailer has been infused with Carnauba wax and water so it does not smear or streak used in the heat or cold. When you need to quickly boost your finish’s protection, this feature makes Finale a joy to use. Detailers love its utterly forgiving nature, sweet maraschino cherry scent and warm carnauba glow. Shake the bottle before use and apply a fine mist a panel at a time using our Plush Microfibre Towel. Finale is safe to use on all surfaces including paint, glass, hard plastic and brightwork trim.

Product Summary

  • Imperial wheel cleaner 500ml
  • Lather Car shampoo 500ml
  • Clear Detailing Bucket
  • 1 Plush wash mitt
  • 1 Aqua deluxe drying towel
  • Glide clay lube 500ml
  • 200g Clay bar
  • Tripple all in one polish 500ml
  • Satin tyre creme 500ml
  • Crystal glass cleaner 250ml
  • Revive trim dressing 250ml
  • Finale quick detailer 500ml
  • 1 Glass waffle cloth
  • 1 Duo edgeless cloth (or Micro Tweed, stock dependent)

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