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Professional products for intense, deep-cleaning and adding protection to all vehicle glass and mirrors.

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Discover the Ultimate Polish To Bring Tired Glass Back To Life!

Glass cleaning is one of the ultimate finishing touches for any detail, the reason why our spray-on Crystal Glass Cleaner and Caramics Glass Cleaner are so popular. But restoring tired-looking glass and deep cleaning on a molecular level, especially prior to adding a ceramic glass coating, often requires using an abrasive glass polish for the best route to smear-free perfection. Here at Auto Finesse we understand that glass restoration and the elimination of defects such as fine scratches can be difficult and that’s why we’ve developed our Vision Glass Polish, along with our Caramics Glass Protection Kit, to be extremely quick and straightforward to use. No professional training is required for either of these advanced detailing products. Effective on the stubbornest of stains, corrosive foreign deposits, oxidation, bug splatter, bird droppings, hard water deposits and other ingrained contamination, our professional glass polish is ideal for reviving your glass and even suitable for use on tinted and motor-sport style plastic windows. Follow up with our ceramic coating for the ultimate in long-lasting hydrophobic protection.

Get Better Vision For Longer With Our Glass Polishing And Protection Products

It’s easy to work towards crystal clear vision and a streak-free finish on interior and exterior glass surfaces with our range of glass detailing products. Here are just a few of our most popular detailing products for vehicle glass:

  • Vision Glass Polish: A powerful blend of deep-cleansing solvents and advanced diminishing abrasives, Vision Glass Polish restores clarity and eliminates light defects with ease. Ideal for hand polishing or use with a machine polisher, this next-generation product has characteristics that go far beyond traditional glass polishes for cleaning, degreasing and refining on a molecular level to offer the quick and easy way to give your glass and mirrors a new lease of life.
  • Caramics Glass Protection Kit: Designed to make the application of a professional ceramic glass coating easer than ever, our Caramics Glass Protection Kit uses innovative ceramic wipes to transfer a SiO2, or Silica, based coating that lasts for up to 12-months. This compound chemically bonds to your glass to form an ultra-hydrophobic protection layer that repels water and grime, keeping your glass cleaner for longer. With Caramics the contamination just can’t stick! Experience next-level water beading and easy-clean properties like none other with this all-inclusive bundle. Also included in the kit is a special Glass Polish, protective gloves, Residue Remover and full instructions. Take your glass protection to the next level with ease.
  • Caramics Complete Protection Kit: Our Caramics Glass Protection Kit is also available as part of our Caramics Complete Protection Kit which offers three other comprehensive ceramic coating kits to add 12-month-durable protection to your paintwork (including vinyl wraps), alloy wheels and interior. Again, all our Caramics Protection Kits have been specifically developed for ease of use, while delivering professional results and hardy, long-lasting protection.
  • Crystal Clear Kit: Offering all the essentials - including Vision Glass Polish, Crystal Glass Cleaner, a Microfibre Applicator and a Glass Waffle cloth - our Crystal Clear Kit restores and maintains all glass surfaces in one comprehensive bundle. No matter your application or detailing experience this exclusive kit not only takes away the guess work but delivers exceptional, professional-level results every time.

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Expert Tips To Maximise Your Glass Polishing Performance

At Auto Finesse, we have crafted all our glass detailing products with powerful cleaning abilities - Vision Glass Polish is no exception. Here’s a few simple tips to ensure you get the most from your car glass polish for a super-speedy hand polish:

  1. Take a Microfibre Applicator and squeeze out a 2 pea-sized drops, this will be plenty for a side window or half a windscreen. Remember, always work on one manageable section of glass at a time.
  2. Apply to your glass with medium-light pressure in tight circular motions, overlapping until the whole surface is covered. This process spreads the deep-cleansing solvents and works through the light abrasives, breaking them down. Be sure to avoid any plastics, weather strips or rubber trim while you work.
  3. When the polish has hazed, take your microfibre towel and buff away the residue. Then turn your cloth to a fresh portion and lightly buff to a sparking smear-free finish.

Degrease, deep-clean and restore your tired-looking windows with minimal effort, add Vision Glass Polish to your cart today!