Versatile, all-purpose pressure sprayer

The Auto Finesse pump sprayer has now progressed to a new level, not only can it offer all of its original qualities but it can foam too! Great for all those, that do not have access to a pressure washer or foam lance.

The ultimate Foaming Pump Sprayer from decanting Citrus Power Bug & Grime Remover pre-wash to mixing up the correct dilution of Verso All Purpose Cleaner, the Auto Finesse Foaming Pressure Sprayer is the ideal accessory for getting the most from your dilutable, and 5-litre trade-size, detailing products.

Featuring a large, translucent 2-litre bottle - marked in 200ml increments for hassle-free, accurate dilution of any spray-on solution and benefiting from tough, ABS construction, this professional grade, all-purpose sprayer is designed to quickly and efficiently atomise liquids with far less effort, or wastage, than a traditional spray trigger.  


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    Foaming Pressure Sprayer

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